Bedroom Astrology

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  1. A beam on the middle of your bed can reduce your desire to make love and decrease intimacy, so you know what to do if you want to spice up your sex life!
  2. Colors can infuse passion in your love life. Try using petal pink, hot pink or any other pink flower to accentuate your love life as the colour stands for excellent relationship colours.
  3. To increase intimacy, you can place heart shapes, cupids, lovebirds, statues, loving couple pictures or the pictures of both of you having fun where your eyes can see them often.
  4. Wear your partner’s T-shirt or sweater to feel their presence when you are apart. This will also increase the flow of positive energy.
  5. Cuddling while watching movies, enjoying a romantic dinner, etc will help in strongly mixing your energies to increase your intimacy.
  6. If you have been longing for a child then place the Santan Gopal Yantra or Mahammadan yantra in your bedroom.
  7. In order to attract the one you love and to get their attraction use the Pandhara Yantra. You will be successful in gaining their affection
  8. If you want to exert your influence on others then make use of this Yantra. Women should use Subhagaya Vijay Yantra and Men should use Kamakashya Yantra to attract opposite sex.
  9. Gust in a surprise for your love. Place sculptures of couples, sexy paintings or photos in your room to accentuate the mood and the atmosphere.
  10. Remove the clutters from your bedroom for the energy to build up and move freely. Spice up your own and get ready for a romantic evening with your love.
  11. A make over is what you need. Yes, get rid of all those things that remind you of your ex. Pamper yourself and treat yourself to knock off that frustrations and depressions.
  12. It takes two to tango so to spice up your sex life, remove all those things that signify single-hood. Hang two sex-chakra candles to improve your sex life.
  13. To create a romantic environment, make use of candles. Their light will improve your sensuality and passion and will ignite you with desire.
  14. Create your own bedroom sanctuary by placing symbols of pleasure in your bedroom. Awaken your creative sexual power and explore
  15. The colour red signifies power, love, passion and acts as a sexual activator. So fill your room with as much as red colour to energize and arouse your sexual desire.
  16. Include accessories made of leather, lace, sheer, fur etc in your bedroom to create a passionate mood and to feel deeply sexual and playful.
  17. Silky bed sheets or silky dress will increase your passion and stimulate you even more to enjoy the company of your love to the fullest.
  18. Orchids are known for its aphrodisiac qualities. Placing them by the side of the bed may accentuate your sexual desire.
  19. Placing a red cloth or something like that underneath the bed will be helpful in increasing the sexual potential of your love.
  20. Enhance eroticism to the fullest by placing a copper showpiece. Placing ruby at the side table also helps in attracting opposite sex.
  21. Pampering the five senses i.e. the touch, sense, sight, sound and taste etc will also accentuate the eroticism in you.
  22. Remove or cover all the mirrors in your room as it is usually believed that they reflect the past bitter moments of life.
  23. Images or portrait to be hung in your room must be carefully chosen as it is said that they tend to have an impact on your subconscious mind, thoughts and emotions as well
  24. Always hang a picture that relates to your dream and desire. This will help in connecting with your dreams and materializing it.
  25. Avoid placing anything related to water in your bedroom. This could create loss in passion as water is generally used for cooling and calming down.
  26. Avoid planting flowers of any type whether dried or fresh as it releases energy that usually disrupts one’s sleep.
  27. Variety is the spice of life. So to increase the spontaneity in your life you must continue adding variety to your life.
  28. Break the rule to increase the excitement in bed. Try out different ways and styles to keep the fire burning.
  29. Try massaging your partner. Stimulate the seven energy centers to awaken the sexual energy. To keep the energy in sync with your body, let your partner massage you as well and create a sense of union.
  30. Surprise your partner with a gift. You do not need an occasion to make your partner feel special. Every day can be an occasion to let them know they are always in your mind.
  31. Unleash your passion, go wild and surprise your partner to make them excited. Tease them and make them feel curious!
  32. Mandarian ducks are known as the symbol of love so place a pair of duck in the south west corner of your room. Avoid wooden ducks.
  33. To intensify the togetherness and happiness, try placing a pair geese soaring high. Position the geese in the southwest corner of the garden.
  34. Keep an image of magpie in your house as it symbolizes love and marriages. It is believed to bring good luck.
  35. To increase your chances of romance, love and marriage, place a crystal in the south-west corner of your room. Placing it as near as possible to your bed will be beneficial.
  36. Decorate a paper lantern with characters and place it near your bed. It is
    considered auspicious and a symbol of fertility that helps you in conceiving soon.
  37. The images, landscapes and pictures have an impact on your life. So carefully choose the pictures you want to hang around in your room. Anything that screams out “love” and “romance” will be perfect for your bedroom.
  38. If you are looking forward to carry forward your fling to the next level of your relationship then you are advice to make some room in your surroundings giving space to accommodate new things.
  39. Keep the surrounding in an around your house bright. This will be helpful in attracting positive energy. Get rid of all the used bulbs, burnt candles and the dingy, dark corners.
  40. Doors that squeak, get stuck or need repairing attract bad luck so make sure they don’t.
  41. Placing figures of two white swans on the far right corner of your bedroom will enhance your love life. You can also opt to light two red coloured candles at this corner for love.

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