Rahu in Libra or Rahu in Tula Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Libra is a sign that represents balance while Rahu is the master of illusion and secrecy. Venus, the ruling planet of Libra shares an average relationship with Rahu. Both Venus and Rahu are airy planets. This placement tends to make its natives skilled in manipulation while remaining balanced in life. Rahu amplifies the natives’ desire for balance since its placed in a friendly sign.

Rahu in Libra natives tend to be detached from the elder members of their family.  These individuals also tend to experience various problems in life, especially in relationships. This placement also indicates a loss of land and property. While this placement makes the natives tactful, it is not a good position for love and married life. These individuals tend to be dominating and destructive in love. They tend to suffer from trust issues and loyalty in their relationships. They will also be dissatisfied in their love life which makes them disposed to moral depravity.

Libra is a cardinal sign which indicates that this sign carries great powers for action and initiation abilities which are greatly enhanced by Rahu. Hence, the individuals born under this placement tend to be very dynamic and action oriented in nature. These natives are capable of initiating large projects and finishing them successfully as well. These natives are endowed with clever mindset on how to bring their initiated tasks or projects to successful completion in a shorter period of time. A dignified Venus ensures that the shortcuts taken by these individuals are good-natured which will not cause any harm to others. Libra is considered as the sign of harmony and social justice, in which Rahu amplifies their fairness greatly. However, if there is an undignified Venus, it indicates use of illegal or unethical shortcuts to bring initiations to finish. This is also due to the motivation caused due to uncontrollable materialistic desires and greed.

Libra is a sign that is symbolized by scales and balance. Hence, Libra signifies equity, social justice, law and harmony. With the presence of Rahu which greatly enhances these characteristics, these individuals will have an increased sense of justice and understanding of how social law works. If Venus is dignified, then these natives will be able to use their special innate wisdom of social law morally and ethically. In other words, they are the peacemakers in the truest sense of the world who desire harmony rather than conflict. These natives are fond of punishing those who are caught abusing the law and cause damage to the society.

Rahu signified foreign and international matters. This is a clear indicator that these natives will be able to successfully manage foreign affairs in a wise, intelligent and diplomatic manner. They tend to treat foreigners with great respect, care and justice. However, an undignified Venus can make these natives extremely deceptive and cunning. Hence, these individuals will be using their increased wisdom of law for their own selfish and personal benefits. Hence, these natives will be skilled in manipulating others with their clever tactics. Since they are knowledgeable in the matters of law, others around them will believe them easily.

Venus, which is the ruler of Libra, is the planet of luxury and lavish style as per Vedic astrology. Hence, the placement of Rahu in Libra creates hedonists who have a heightened desire for a luxurious lifestyle. These natives tend to be wise in various worldly matters which helps them to get the much-desired luxurious items. These individuals are known to be the ultimate pleasure seekers for both sensual and materialistic matters. If Venus is dignified in this placement, then these natives will be blessed with plenty of luxurious articles and conveyances which would improve their lifestyle greatly. Their expanded sensual nature would enable these native to provide great sensual pleasure to their romantic partners. If the partner also returns the favour, then they will be less inclined towards cheating and deceiving their partner for another relationship. However, if Venus is undignified, they tend to become overly materialistic and greedy. They will also increase the chances of getting involved with greedy and dangerous people who in turn will destroy the peace of mind of these natives. These natives will also be inclined towards indulging in dirty pleasures due to having desires that cannot be easily satisfied. Hence, they tend to overindulge in sensual and physical enjoyment to the extent of becoming immoral and wicked.  

Venus is also the planet of arts, colour, physical appearance, beauty, symmetry, etc.  The placement of Rahu in Libra enhances the indications of Venus. Hence, the individuals born under this placement be bestowed with heightened artistic vision, senses, and talents. These natives will also be endowed with perfect vision for symmetry. They tend to strive for perfection in their work or business life as well.

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