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Acharya Dinesh has around 42 years in Vedic Astrology . He got his inspiration from his father Nathalal M Joshi . who had a great sense of humour , very kind person and have a only one hobby - Reading Natal Charts and finding intriguing planetary positions. Dinesh Joshi had his  focus always on Astrology , more so  after the Completion of educations with His Interest has increased more and more in Vedic Astrology and the science behind it , he became fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through combinations of 9 planets not in galaxy but in just one page and then he started the learning with his own moral company at the age of 9 years to till now. He has thousands of followers  and now he decided to dedicate his entire work time for helping human beings to solve there life problems like love problems , marriage disturbances or waiting issues , family matters , running business , career , disturbed educations , bad or unwell health , and many life running issues. He has made very deep researches using various chart types in Astrology to all the problems and suggests his own remedies and solutions . He made very deep diving in Medical Astrology for every diseses and there remedies . He uses intensive research to develop new predective tools that are more scientific and have fairly been successful.
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