Venus in Libra or Venus in Tula Rashi

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Sanjeeva Reddy

Sanjeeva Reddy

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This is a comfortable position for Venus as Libra is its own sign. Venus is a feminine watery planet while Libra is a cardinal air sign. Venus is the planet of love while Libra loves to socialize. Venus in Libra natives can understand others’ feelings and emotions. They are highly romantic individuals blessed with a charming and pleasing personality. They are very emotional and tend to fall in love easily with the goodness in others. These natives love to be surrounded by pleasantness, harmony and beauty.

They have a strong need for love without which they will not be happy and contented in life. They wish for a happy and blissful married life. These natives tend to be pretty serious in their love affairs and will do anything to protect their relationship, sometimes at the cost of losing their self-respect. They have a natural propensity towards enjoyment of romance and sensual encounters. They will put in lots of effort in order to please their partners. They have an enviable fashion sense as well. Due to their highly sensitive nature, these natives can get hurt easily.

When Venus, the significator of relationships and marriage is placed in Libra, it brings balance and harmony into relationships. Libra represents balance, equilibrium, peace, compromises and harmony. Hence, Venus in Libra natives tend to be extremely understanding, peaceful and harmonious in nature. With Venus being exalted in this placement, it will bless its natives with a partner with whom their souls resonate harmoniously and beautifully. They can also connect with their romantic partners on a deep level. This will naturally result in a peaceful, happy and blissful married life.

Since a strong Venus is placed in its own sign, it indicates that the spouses of these natives will be financially stable, privileged, and responsible. In some cases, these natives will be blessed with a wealthy spouse. Hence, there will be gain of wealth and riches after marriage. Venus indicates luxuries and conveyances. Since Venus is placed in its own sign, then it indicates auspicious outcomes of these indications. They will lead a comfortable life. They also desire to have the finest clothes, gadgets, vehicles, and accessories.

Venus in Libra natives tend to be innately peaceful, balanced and harmonious. They are very charismatic, radiant and attractive in appearance as well. With these amazing characteristics, these natives can positively influence their surroundings. Due to the 1st disposition formed out of this combination, these individuals will have the power and the courage to do it as well. Venus in Libra natives are also endowed with good leadership skills like courage, initiative and respect for justice. Libra lends its cardinal nature to these natives while Venus is strong in its own sign. They can initiate and sustain the momentum of the projects they have initiated. Venus also forms the 1st disposition which indicates leadership, management and new beginnings. Hence, the powers of initiation are enhanced positively in this combination. Since these natives have the power of initiation, they can be extremely courageous and can face opposition without any fear.

Venus in Libra natives are bestowed with courage to face any adversities in order to protect harmony. These natives can handle difficult and complex tasks which requires resilience and attention to detail. They tend to be experts at service-related tasks, careers or businesses. They have the power to compete with the toughest opponents and this is mainly due to the 6th disposition formed by Venus in this placement.

Venus in Libra placement indicates increased levels of romance, passion, love and sexual desires. They tend to satisfy the sensual needs of their romantic partners rather brilliantly. These natives tend to strive for harmony and mutual pleasure in their relationships. These individuals are very moral and ethical in their dealings. These natives tend to have a refined taste of arts and beauty. Since they are naturally balanced, they strive for refinement and harmony in the design of matters such as architecture, art, beauty, music and food. Their way of speech is pleasant and harmonious. They have an ability to attract plenty of people with their beautiful speech and charming personality as per the principles of Vedic Astrology.

Venus is the planet of beauty while Libra is the symbol of attractive physical form. Hence, Venus in Libra natives are extremely beautiful with sharp features. They tend to exude a gorgeous body appeal. Venus in its own sign Libra indicates that these natives will be financially stable. There will be balance between expenditure and savings. These natives will be blessed with abundance of wealth, riches and luxurious items. In addition to the above, they will also enjoy a luxurious and expensive lifestyle. The heart of a Libra Venus person is ruled by Venus which indicates the harmony of love, beauty and heart. Hence, these individuals love their significant other with immense affection and devotion.

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