Mercury in Libra or Mercury in Tula Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Libra is a movable air sign which is ruled by Venus.  Venus shares a friendly relationship with Mercury. This is an auspicious placement for Mercury as it gives its natives with excellent communication skills and sophisticated appearance due to the influence of Venus. Mercury is a neutral earthy planet and when placed in Libra, these natives will have immense knowledge of various art forms. These natives are naturally inclined towards creative and artistic pursuits. Mercury is the planet of communication, and the influence of Venus gives eloquence and refinement to speech. These individuals are soft-spoken and polite with an amazing power to convince and persuade others.

Mercury in Libra natives tend to spend lavishly and generously on luxurious and material items. They love being in relationships. They display a balanced approach in their relationships. Mercury in Libra endows these natives with an intellectual mind and justice-loving behaviour. These individuals are tactful and diplomatic in their ways and very opportunistic in nature. These natives are extroverted, friendly and broadminded. However, they are prone to be indecisive due to the influence of Libra which has the ability to analyse all pros and cons before making any decision. These natives have an eye for beauty and have strong liking towards luxuries, architecture and great mansions.

Mercury in Libra natives are fond of arguments. They will be extremely clever in their words and speech. Venus is the guiding planet to Mercury in this placement. Hence, a dignified Venus brings out the positive outcomes in this placement. These individuals have a very pleasant, harmonious and sweet style of communication. These natives are also excellent listeners. They tend to listen carefully and evaluate the motives of others first before expressing their opinions. Hence, others will find it very pleasant to speak with these natives.  Mercury is naturally dignified in this combination and hence, this makes these natives sincere and honest. Hence, these natives tend to speak in a genuine way by using real facts and supporting genuine beliefs and ideas. They do make errors in judgment; however, their sincere and honest nature enables them to admit their mistakes and correct them in order to prevent such errors from happening again in the future.

Mercury in Libra produces a 5th disposition which indicates wisdom, intelligence, and learning capabilities. This disposition holds all the resources of the cognitive mind. A dignified Mercury enhances these learning capabilities and general intelligence. These natives tend to develop a strong vocabulary since they use their intellect and wisdom productively. Since they possess great wisdom of linguistics, they will be excellent writers and brilliant orators. As Venus is the planet of beauty, their way of writing is aesthetic and has pleasant rhythm to it.

Mercury in Libra natives are not only intelligent but also very creative. The creativity is mainly attributed to the well-formed 5th disposition by a dignified Mercury from Gemini. It signifies creativity and originality. These natives are also flexible in their views and can adapt to various situations easily. They possess a cognitive ability to look at things from different perspectives and find unique solutions to issues at hand. This also indicates that they can think outside the box in order to find unconventional solutions. Due to the cardinal influence of Libra, these natives can initiate new creative projects. They tend to make the most out of every experience in their lives. These natives tend to analyse first, be open-minded and solve issues by creating a cohesive and structure plan of action. Since Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, it supports its natives in enhancing their creative abilities.

Mercury in Libra natives are very compassionate and capable of understanding the motives of others very easily. They are very tolerant, peace-loving and harmonious in their approach towards others. They tend to strive for harmony and equity. Hence, these individuals tend to be innately skilled in negotiating. They can initiate compromises between all parties and establish a consensus. Since Libra bestows these natives with diplomatic wisdom, they will do brilliantly well in activities that deal with societal norms, law, or foreign relationships. Since Venus is a planet of balance and equity, it enhances these qualities in its natives. With a strong, dignified and supportive Venus, Mercury in Libra individuals tend to be extremely tolerant and compassionate which will be ideal to prosper in activities where persuasion and negotiation skills are important.

Mercury is placed in luxurious sign Libra, which is ruled by the luxurious planet Venus and this indicates that these natives will be naturally inclined towards accumulating much wealth in their lives. The placement is in 2nd house from its own sign Virgo. As per Vedic Astrology, the 2nd house stands for accumulation of wealth. They tend to earn their wealth righteously and ethically. Their earnings can be improved by their great writing and brilliant speaking skills along with their marvellous intellect.

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