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Infobip Digital Pvt Ltd was started recently by Mr. Balmiki Singh who is a renowed Astrologer and practising Vedic Astrology for the past 20 years.  Initially started off as offline Astrology Shop – he quickly realised that many people dont have immediate access to Vedic Astrologers and most of them have to travel physically to meet one. He founded AstroRays – Internet online company in a bid to not only eliminate the need for a physical visit to an astrologer but also get a consultation anywhere and anytime.

AstroRays.com - Our Online Astrology Portal

Internet and the world wide web have been instrumental in changing the face of the world. At AstroRays.com, we have an immense faith in the power and viability of this medium, and we believe that a universally sought subject like Astrology ought to be showcased via this hugely accessible medium. The website AstroRays.com had been created with the primary aim to streamline a largely unstructured, cluttered astrology market. And thus, E-Space was the obvious choice, for on which other platform people from all over the world could connect with astrologers and astrology services without any hassle, in such a credible manner. Today, we are keen to make this platform a big astrology-based website. Given its reliable, top-of-the-line content and services and a strong team well trained astrologers.

A dedicated team of customer care and the technical staff ensures your favorite services are available up and throughout. If you have any problem in accessing the website or retrieving information, please write to :
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We have helped over a million people, find recourse to their problems and lead a happy life. We would be more than pleased to help you as well!

AstroRays.com is head officed at Varanasi:

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