Ketu in Sagittarius or Ketu in Dhanu Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius are known to be good at management and leadership roles. They are very accomplished. When Ketu is placed in Sagittarius, it tends to increase the desires of these natives to achieve great heights. These natives tend to be very honest and open in their approach towards the fulfilment of their desires.

Jupiter and Ketu are planets that are related to spirituality. Ketu in Sagittarius natives are endowed with strong intuition. These natives have huge potential to become great spiritual leaders and earn a lot of fame in life. These natives tend to give a lot of respect to elders and their community. They tend to achieve many successes in life. These natives have enhanced intellectual capabilities due to which they are very intelligent. While Sagittarius is a jovial and carefree sign, Ketu is a shadowy planet which gives serious temperament to these natives. These natives tend to have a strong desire for freedom and independence. They like to be control always and hence, they do not like any intrusion in their personal or private space.

Ketu in Sagittarius placement gives a strong desire to move beyond the animal urges of sex and violence and find meaning in world in quest of the Divine. Hence, these natives will be naturally inclined to transcend carnal pleasures and material comforts to become spiritually evolved. Since these natives are naturally endowed with zeal and passion, they will display poor judgement which will make them act recklessly and rashly. Their brand of religious righteousness tends to create self-righteous attitudes, and this can also lead to the inability to think with common sense.

Ketu in Sagittarius natives tend to be interested in tantra or mantra. These natives tend to have clear thought processes. These natives will be truthful yet very argumentative. These natives tend to be focused towards their goals and ambitions. These natives tend to be very fortunate with good prosperity. These individuals have good communication skills. These individuals have an egoistic and short-tempered nature. These natives tend to be interested in exhibitionist attitudes and so, they tend to show-off. These natives tend to suffer from problems associated with hips or thighs. These natives will also get many chances to travel to international destinations mainly in the areas of religion and spirituality.

Ketu in Sagittarius natives had spent their past lives in different philosophical and spiritual pursuits. These individuals had preferred a life of freedom and independence. In this present life, they will be blessed with a good sense of humour with a strong desire to be righteous to all, which will earn them enough respect from the members of their community or society. When they try to isolate and withdraw from the society, the circumstances around them will force these natives to be with others. These natives are bestowed with a great power to transfer ideas to others who are situated in distant places through the power of telepathy and they can even foresee events. These natives do not get enough opportunities or chances to cultivate their emotional and material base.

In some cases, when Ketu is placed in Sagittarius, these natives tend to feel isolated from the religious beliefs. These natives will sometimes question the beliefs of their own religion as well as the religions of others around them. In extreme cases, these natives will become atheists who will completely reject the idea of God. These natives will not show much interest in religious beliefs and higher philosophies of the world.

Ketu in Sagittarius natives generally tend to be financially sound and stable. It is indicated that they will achieve the greatest success when they work hard towards it. Due to the presence of Ketu, the normal fun-loving temperament of Sagittarius is replaced by a quiet and serious approach towards life. This placement leads these natives to seek truth by gathering information as well as getting exposed to a wide range of experiences. These natives are also blessed with an extraordinary foresight which will help them to avoid taking decisions which may result in failure in the future. By using this faculty, these natives are able to lead simple yet successful lives in their social circle.

Ketu in Sagittarius natives will be respected for their impeccable character and impressive personality. These natives go to great lengths to help their loved ones who are in trouble, poverty or suffering. These natives due to their evolved spiritual nature will be very benevolent, forgiving, charitable and kind. Since Jupiter is the planet of higher ethics, morals, truths and wisdom, these natives tend to practise such values in their daily material existence which will also bring increased blessings from the divine. This helps them immensely to build a rich, prosperous and fortunate life and if all the planets are aligned perfectly, then these natives can earn worldwide fame.

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