Venus in Pisces or Venus in Meena Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

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Venus is naturally exalted in Pisces; hence this placement brings positive results. Venus in Pisces natives have a deep yet enriched personality mainly due to the influence of the water element. These natives experience moodiness. They often tend to suffer in silence if they are ill-treated. Venus is the planet of love and when placed in Pisces can make the natives submerged in love and romance. These people are attractive to behold and also have a polite speech. They can melt many hearts with the magic of their words. These natives will be famous as well as fortunate. They have the potential to earn plenty of wealth.

Venus in Pisces natives are highly accommodative and flexible, and this is mainly due to the mutable modality of Pisces. They have a strong fear of rejection that marks their subtle behaviour in love. Hence, they put in a lot of efforts to keep their partner happy. They also need someone who can control their emotions and help them during emotionally turbulent times. Individuals with this combination tend to value spiritual matters more than worldly affairs. This is because the most humble and selfless sign Pisces is ruled by a spiritual planet Jupiter. These natives tend to exhibit these characteristics as well. They will be selfless, humble and have a caring mentality in relationships. When individuals with exalted Venus in Pisces fall in love, they develop a great amount of feelings that they will be able to express in a loving and affectionate manner. These natives tend to establish a spiritual bond with their partners. They give more importance to inner beauty than outer beauty.

Venus in Pisces natives tend to be extremely sacrificial in relationships. They are very forgiving, loving and ready to do anything for the sake of their beloved. They tend to care for their loved ones unconditionally without expecting anything in return. This can also make them vulnerable to selfish and ungrateful people who manipulate the kind and selfless heart of these natives. Venus is a planet of sensuality and enjoyment. Since Venus is exalted in this placement, it also indicates amplified desire for sensuality. This placement produces a 11th disposition which belongs to the triangle of desires which also enhances their sensuous nature greatly. Since Venus is most dignified in this sign, these natives rarely use their sensuality for immoral satisfaction of pleasures. They exhibit a great self-control. These natives tend to seek the purest form of physical connection which can only be achieved through connection at a deeper soul level. These natives will be satisfied only if there is abundant inner beauty and purity in their partners.

The 11th disposition also denotes friends, social activity and communities. An exalted Venus enhances the energies of this disposition. Hence, Venus in Pisces natives are innately eager to reach out and socialize with large groups of people and spend time with friends. Since Pisces is a humble and caring sign, these natives often nurture and take care of their friends often making them one of the most hospital individuals around. This combination also produces a 6th disposition which represents service. Hence, these natives also enjoy hosting their friends at home and amuse them with various enjoyments, such as social events, cooking and other creative hobbies.  These natives also love to hang around with people who share similar interests and mindsets.

The exalted Venus in this placement bestows these natives with an attractive appearance and exceptional magnetism. They are also blessed with a special charm and beauty. When these natives interact and socialize with others, their natural charm fascinates everyone around them, and others will be naturally drawn to the warm energy they radiate. These natives will also look physically beautiful and attractive as well. Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, indicates philosophy, higher wisdom, spiritual wisdom and purity of the soul as per the principles of Vedic astrology. Hence, an exalted Venus in a Jupiter ruled Pisces indicates individuals who are very righteous with a generous soul and philosophical outlook. These natives show a natural inclination towards performing charitable and humanitarian deeds for the betterment of their society.  They tend to gain plenty of public recognition along with lots of respect from the members of their society. These natives will be very knowledgeable on matters that involve spirituality, higher wisdom, religion, philosophy and faith. These natives are capable of managing large charitable events and communities due to the influence of Jupiter.

Venus is a planet of hedonistic pleasures and luxury. Since Venus is exalted in this placement, these natives tend to have a greatly increased drive for comfortable lifestyle. They do crave luxuries that make them feel comfortable and satisfied. They love to spend their leisure time by going for luxurious vacations. These natives love to be pampered, nurtured and adored by their partners.

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