Ketu in Gemini or Ketu in Mithun Rashi

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Sanjeeva Reddy

Sanjeeva Reddy

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Gemini is considered as a sign of intelligence and information. Mercury is its ruling planet which also signifies intellect and wisdom. When Ketu, the headless shadowy planet is placed in the sign of Mercury, these natives tend to be double minded. These individuals tend to face plenty of confusion and indecision in life since Ketu impacts the decision-making powers of Gemini, which is a mutable sign. Both Ketu and Mercury are airy planets. Hence, these natives tend to have a strong need for freedom in their lives. These individuals cannot survive and thrive in restricted environments. They like having a sense of independence in what they do every day.

Ketu in Gemini natives are disposed to egoistic tendencies. Hence, they are very short-tempered which induces problems and troubles in relationships. These natives tend to feel emotionally dissatisfied in their lives. While these individuals are endowed with a sharp mind, they do not always use it well and this is mainly due to wavering thoughts and instability. These natives tend to have an element of doubt somewhere in their mind which prevents them from utilizing their cleverness fully. Their personality has an air of pride and vanity around it. These natives are prone to minor gastric issues. Anxiety is also a common issue among these individuals having this placement. They also tend to go on short travels in order to energize their minds burdened with anxiety and stress.

The placement of Ketu in Gemini tends to create an inharmonious relationship with relatives. This may arise due to disputes regarding land, property and financial issues. Their relatives may create hindrances and obstacles but with a beneficial aspect of Mars or Mercury, these natives can defend themselves well. This placement encourages its natives to be straightforward in all their dealings. In order to prevent any trouble, a spiritual path is recommended for these natives to follow.

Rahu in Gemini natives tend to be extremely talkative which may sometimes lead to foolish behaviour. They are naturally endowed with good writing skills. They have an enormous potential to pursue a career in the field of literature since they have the required skillset and an exceptional ability of expression. These natives tend to have an unstable mind which lacks firmness of thoughts. Since they are often found wanting in the knowledge or possession of morals, ethics and principles, these natives tend to become self-centred who will seek any path to accomplish their goals, desires and aspirations.

Ketu in Gemini natives tend to face some fluctuations in married life. Since they often have a strong physical desire, this may cause an extra marital affair. This placement to make the natives feel separated from communication, business and marketing. This is due to the fact that Ketu is representative of the skills mastered in past lives. Hence, these individuals would have already mastered the communications to such an extent that they don’t want to spend much time on this aspect in this life. Since Ketu is a headless body, these natives tend to be directionless in their communication, marketing and business. Hence, these individuals struggle to get a solid business idea to start a business venture. They will also be less interested in marketing a product. However, if these natives are made to work in these fields, these natives after initial reluctance will be able to do exceptionally well due to their past-life expertise. These natives will still possess love of books and reading.

Ketu in Gemini natives will be put in situations in which they will have to deal with others constantly and fulfil what is expected of them. In this life, their inherent desire for instant and direct results will often lead to impatience and impulsiveness. Hence, these natives love to be independent and prefer solitude and isolation instead of company. These natives do display a keen interest in public affairs, but they tend to overreach themselves due to the expertise of the past-life and the confusion of the present life. These natives are also endowed with plentiful amount of mysterious knowledge or understanding. These natives tend to show much interest in the material things as well as the human behaviour and emotions.

Ketu in Rahu natives will be naturally driven to gain a lot of knowledge in multiple subjects rather focusing on a single subject or an area. These natives will do well in the fields related to entertainment and media as well. This placement makes these natives very restless, searching for stimulation, diverse interests, and experiences, and also inspires an active lifestyle. When these freedom-loving individuals feel restricted in work, relationships or even in attitudes, thoughts and emotions, they will feel extremely uncomfortable and tend to look for other ways to change the present situation. The mind of these natives tends to be alert and receptive to a multitude of impressions from others and the mass of information received during daily life.

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