Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury in Vrishchik Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Mercury in Scorpio natives have an air of mystery and secretiveness around them. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which is extremely emotional, passionate and ambitious. Mercury shares an inimical relationship with Mars which is the ruler of Scorpio. Hence, this placement will prove to be restrictive for these natives. Mercury in Scorpio natives tend to be secretive in nature. They will do well in the fields of investigation or research. They have excellent probing skills and brilliant inquisitive mind that questions everything around them.

Mercury in Scorpio natives have a disposition and speech that sounds harsh, candid and aggressive as well. However, Mercury gives them a logical bent of mind which makes these natives sane and rational. These natives make decisions which are backed up by logic than emotions. Often, these natives tend to be impulsive in their actions. They have an innate desire to unmask the hidden truths and mysteries of life. Their way of communication has a lot of depth in it and they are very insightful. They tend to use strong language to express what they have in mind. They are very rigid in their thought processes. They have a high self-esteem and are very individualistic.

Mercury in Scorpio natives tend to be demanding and strict. The mysterious nature of Scorpio often makes it hard to understand the emotions of these natives. They never fully express what they have in their mind. Since Scorpio is a water sign, these natives tend to become very emotional and say scathing yet stingy words to others. They tend to be critical and quarrelsome as well. If Mars is strongly placed and dignified, then it indicates that their demanding speech will benefit and support them in their endeavours. The fixed nature of Scorpio helps them to stick to their opinions. These natives will have a sarcastic sense of humour. Hence, a dignified Mars as a guide to Mercury in this sign ensures that their demands are righteous and not evil. Since these natives have good intentions, they will attract support from their surroundings which help them to achieve their goals by using their assertive style of communication.

Mercury in Scorpio natives can state their views and needs clearly while behaving respectfully towards others at the same time. Since this combination produces 6th disposition, these natives can apply their communication style to manage or discipline their subordinates. These natives are very critical and demand strict discipline from others. If Mars is undignified, the style of communication tends to become aggressive instead of assertive. They can also become abusive with their use of words and end up hurting others in the process.

Since Scorpio is a naturally secretive sign, these natives tend to develop a habit of faking their expressions when Mars is undignified or weak. They may appear to be supportive but secretly disrupt others on purpose. These natives will have ulterior motives while dealing with others. When in confrontation with smart and righteous people, they will sound contradictory. Mercury in Scorpio natives creates a 6th disposition which indicates that they are extremely competent and ruthless and are capable of exacting revenge in a very aggressive nature. When Mars is strong, this combination can produce individuals who can defeat their enemies successfully with their shrewd mentality combined with physical strength and mental powers. A well-guided Mercury provides these natives with an intellect which combined with a strategic thinking of the 6th disposition makes them competent and skilled.

Mercury in Scorpio natives are known to have great mental resistance, fortitude and persistence. Hence, they can confront and tackle any tough issues effectively while using the intellect of Mercury. Conversely, if Mars is weak or ill-placed, it indicates that these natives are very quarrelsome with wicked and sinful mentality. They tend to be envious over the success of others. These natives are also capable of causing much harm to others. Hence, they are ruthless in their mentality. An undignified Mars also indicates that the natives will use the strategic thinking and communicative abilities in sinful directions. This may make them appear as immoral, unethical, unrighteous and wicked to others. They may be involved in hatching sinful conspiracies. With this combination of weak and undignified Mars misguiding Mercury, those natives who are involved in politics can involve themselves in corruption, money laundering, bribery, or obtaining unearned wealth in general.

Scorpio being the 8th sign of the zodiac signifies occult science and secret knowledge. When the energies of Mercury get combined with Scorpio, a very deeply penetrative mind is created. Hence, these natives can penetrate through the minds of others and discern their motives clearly. Hence, these individuals are naturally talented in the field of psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis and general counselling. They have the potential to become great healers and hypnotizers. They can be excellent forensic scientists as well.

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