Ketu in Aquarius or Ketu in Kumbh Rashi

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Sanjeeva Reddy

Sanjeeva Reddy

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Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, which shares a friendly relationship with Ketu. Saturn is indicative of detachment from materialism while Ketu is connected with spiritual liberation. Individuals born with Ketu in Aquarius are very learned and understand the reality of life. They struggle to free themselves from their desires despite having immense knowledge. This is due to the fact that this placement gives never-ending or everlasting desires to these natives. Saturn is associated with social service and Aquarius signifies the same. The placement of Ketu tends to further intensify the inclination of these natives towards charitable activities. Since Ketu is an airy planet, it tends to make the natives develop or create unrealistic plans.

Ketu in Aquarius placement tends to make the natives prone to ear related problems. These natives will enjoy success rather late in life. These natives tend to be very strict and stubborn in nature. Others will find it difficult to convince these natives to make a change in any decisions or opinions. In some cases, these natives tend to inherit health issues from their family. These individuals will have strained relationship with friends and children. They will also experience instability in income. However, this placement boosts the chances of these natives to travel to foreign lands.

The placement of Ketu in Aquarius causes the natives to be easily deceived and tricked. These natives are inclined to be idle and lazy. These natives sometimes do not react or know how to act wisely. These natives can be easily tricked by flattery since they are very inclined to listen to fine words. Hence, these natives will be deceitful over love matters; there will be infidelity on the part of the natives or their partners. Hence, their mental or the physical balance will be greatly affected.

Ketu in Aquarius natives tend to be drawn by past-life karma into the worlds of large, rule-driven systems and social movements which have the potential to increase the distribution of economic activity. While performing these activities, they will get opportunities to meet social change activists and experimental scientist as they used to get in the previous life. Yet, in the current life, the thrill of the advancement of human civilization is not present.

When Ketu occupies Aquarius, it tends to blunt the populist, democratizing sensitivities of Saturn, making the natives uncertain about their roles in the marketplace. Aquarius is a highly abstract sign, famous for its mystical theories and special interest groups which have little connection to the reality of the global population, yet they tend to have a universal meaning.  Aquarius is considered to be the solar or rational side of Saturn’s domain with its primary focus on equalized exchange networks of the marketplace. Ketu in this sign makes the natives reluctant to take part in networks of association. These natives have been traumatized in revolutionary political movements in the past life which creates in them a compulsory detachment from political activism and crusading in all its forms. These natives tend to have an eccentric mindset with their minds wandering across the universe in search of cultures that are weird enough but also familiar enough to identify with. Hence, these natives will be gifted sci-fi script writers or mathematicians or computer programmers. These natives tend to live in isolation and socialize via computer networks.

Ketu in Aquarius position makes the natives highly spiritual. These natives are very broad minded and independent by nature. These natives are extremely fond of travelling. These natives will be strongly inclined towards traditional knowledge. There are indications that these natives will be blessed with hidden knowledge. Though these natives have plenty of friends, they tend to be loners at heart. These individuals are extremely intelligent who have good behaviour as well. These natives have immense potential to earn good name and fame and reputation. These natives are endowed with an ability to accumulate wealth. These natives tend to hoard huge amounts of wealth. These natives will consider a career in speculation as well. If Ketu is in good condition, then these natives can earn through lottery, horse riding, stock market, gambling, etc. However, if Ketu is not in good condition, then it can cause huge losses due to above matters. These natives may also get profits through religion or spirituality.

Aquarius is a sign of large organizations which have many rules, structures, regulations and processes. When Ketu in Aquarius natives work in these organizations, they tend to feel naturally isolated working in such a working environment. Aquarius is also a planet of scientific research while Ketu is a planet of mysticism. Hence, these natives show increased interest in researching the matters that are related to the occult world and they tend to do it in complete seclusion. Hence, these individuals can make a huge difference in the world if they passionately work on their well-researched ideas on their own.

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