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A certified astrologer with 17 years of experience, Priya will provide guidance in remedies if required but she is a firm believer in meditation, self-introspection and karmic goals an individual has to achieve. Her style of listening quietly, replying without sugarcoating with just the required amount of communication, astute predictions, mind-boggling character analysis has charmed a wide clientele from all professions. Since childhood, astrology and the psychology of individuals has interested her. Her journey in astrology started out of passion and not as a means to make a livelihood. Under tutelage of Acharya Aarti Ghatpande, and in association with Ashram Naath Panth Peedh, through whose guidance in sadhana, Priya has gained an in-depth knowledge of Chakra Healing, Palmistry and Vedic Astrology. She is a certified Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Pradyna and Jyotish Visharath from one of the oldest pioneer institute of astrology - Phal Jyotish Abhyas Mandal, Pune. She welcomes you with a genuine interest in helping you find your answers.
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