• Purpose:
      To ward off evil spirits, cure blood related problems and avert disputes
    • Quality:
      Premium quality, high lustre and aesthetic value
    • How to Wear:
      In a gold or copper ring on the right hand’s ring finger
    • Symbolizes:
      Victory, Ambition and Valour
    • Guarantee:
      100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic
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Ruling planet: Sun

Zodiac sign: Leo

Ruby (Manikya) is red in color and associated with planet Sun who is the central star of the solar system. Wearing a ruby can help attain professional success and popularity. Fame and fortune are yours if ruby is worn in an appropriate manner after consulting an astrologer.Sun becomes the ascendant lord and hence is very auspicious if a person having the presence of the plane sun in his birth chart should wear a ruby for all his life.If Sun is exalted in an individual’s birth chart then wearing a ruby they can command authority and high position in government administration. They are always cheerful and are successful in worldly affairs. Also occupies a respected position in the society. Ruby is recommended if the sun is afflicted in a person’s birth chart. Wearing a ruby can protect the wearer from ill health and sickness.

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