Ketu in Pisces or Ketu in Meena Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by benevolent Jupiter. Pisces is a sign of deep intuition and fertile imagination. When mysterious shadowy planet like Ketu is placed in this sign, these natives tend to lose themselves fully in the world of dreams. Hence, it tends to make the natives indecisive and double minded. However, this placement is a good position for spiritual growth and development. These individuals tend to be very reflective and spiritually inclined. This placement is also auspicious for religious and foreign travels.

Ketu in Pisces natives tend to have a dreamy disposition which can be perceived as careless attitude by more practical thinking individuals. These natives are extremely fond of travelling who are very interested in religion, spiritual and occult subjects. These natives are endowed with a strong desire to achieve respect, recognition and influential position in society. These natives tend to be humble, meek and helpful in nature. These natives have immense respect for their elders and teachers due to their disciplines and humane behaviour.  These natives are very knowledgeable, and this placement tends to bestow these natives with plenty of wealth.

Ketu in Pisces placement to cause deceit in love, and of infidelity. These natives tend to unconsciously indulge in gossips which will turn out to be damaging to these natives. This placement also brings physical and moral sufferings which are brought about these natives themselves. These natives have a sedate and lazy approach in life. If there is a strong aspect of Mars in their birth charts, then these natives will have the courage and the initiate to start new things and act on it.

Ketu in Meena placement provides the doorway to a world of dreams, imagination, and even the guidance of ancestors or other supernatural beings. This placement mainly signifies a scattering of social meaning and disconnection to material reality.  This placement tends to annihilate and nebulize Piscean significances like clairvoyant sensibility, dreams and visions, divination, distant lands, secret arrangements. bedroom, privacy and meditation. These natives are blessed with exceptionally high levels of intuition and psychic skills which will guide them to the imaginary bridge which connects the astral or spiritual plane to the material plane. These natives can be excellent dream interpreters or even travel guides due to these benefic aspects.

Ketu in Pisces natives are drawn in the past-life world of dreams and private imagination where they may get to mingle or interact with clairvoyants and sanctuary healers like how they did in their previous lives. In the current life, the thrill of intuition is absent in these natives. When Ketu is placed in Pisces, it tends to blunt the sensitivities of Jupiter, making the natives confused about the process of private imagery and sanctuary spaces, drifting in the spirit world, and developing their intuitive empathy with all emotional beings. These natives are entrusted with a mission to lead others along an intuitive path towards reconnection and rebirth, however, the method of expression of their spiritual sensibilities is very diffused. These natives tend to be penetratingly intuitive and aware of the presence of fairies, angels, demons, deities, and spirit beings of many classes. These natives tend to be lonely and worried about their health. Hence, they will naturally be withdrawn.

Ketu in Pisces natives in their past lives had done the right things in a simple and silent manner. These natives did not have many open doors and they were handicapped in distinguishing these choices and making full use of them. However, in this lifetime, there are more options and choices with a sense of security in their lives. In this life, they are given numerous open doors, yet these natives must accomplish their duties and responsibilities successfully through deliberate conscious thought, behaviour and action. These natives will sometimes gain access to many riches.

Pisces is considered to be a very mystical sign which is related to the endless stream of consciousness flowing continuously between heaven and earth. This sign is known for its intuitive awareness, compassion, contemplation, humility, higher philosophy, kindness and in general, being polite. Ketu in this sign will enlighten these natives on setting appropriate and harmonious boundaries with giving and receiving since Pisceans tend to be the givers in most relationships.

Ketu in Pisces placement tends to further enhance the inner sensitivities of these natives which makes them extremely artistic and creative in their approach. These natives will do brilliantly in the fields of painting, writing, singing, dancing and other forms of creative expression. These natives will be naturally inclined to reach the heights of spirituality which could go to the extent of practising celibacy due to the vastness of divine love in them. These natives can easily give up material possessions in order to grow spiritually. However, in worldly matters, they will be extremely apathetic. 

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