Sun in Pisces or Sun in Meena Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Pisces is a dual water sign with Jupiter as its ruler. Since Jupiter and Sun are friendly towards each other, this combination brings a lot of positive results. These natives are quite friendly in nature. They enjoy the comforts of a domestic life. Male natives having this placement tend to be fond of women. These natives are fond of travelling to distant places. They tend to live a happy and contented life. They have the potential to earn a huge amount of wealth. Their intellect and intuition support them in all their endeavours. They are introspective and introverted by nature. They will do exceptionally well in the field of trading and astrology as well. Their way of speech and thinking is very good.

Sun in Pisces also gives a moody temperament to its natives. Sometimes, they find it hard to understand themselves. They are very emotional. They get very easily affected by others’ opinions. They are very adaptable and flexible to the point that they will readily adjust their attitude as per the situation. These natives are helpful, empathetic, and compassionate in nature. These natives are extremely hardworking and tend to become workaholics. This tendency leads to mental distress at times.  They are intensely ambitious. They place a high value on their respect and status in society.

Jupiter becomes the guiding planet to the Sun in this placement. Sun in this Sign is in 8th from its own sign Leo which is considered a very difficult disposition as 8th house is considered one of the malefic houses which is also called Dusthana Bhava as per Vedic Astrology. The 8th indicates sudden events, disruptions and everything that is hidden, unknown or uncertain. It is also the house of darkness and fears. However, since Sun is favourably placed in a friendly sign, it extracts positive effects of the 8th disposition like sudden and expected gain of fortune, intuitive knowledge and wisdom, fearlessness, etc.

Sun in Pisces natives are humble, kind, hospitable and compassionate individuals. They love everyone unconditionally. Since Pisces is a water sign, they are extremely moody and are sensitive to outer energies and emotions of others around them. They can become fickle by nature and tend to change their mood and mind frequently.

According to ancient Vedic Astrology, these natives tend to earn wealth through water. Hence, professions related to the sea are suitable. They can also earn through foreign sources or businesses where foreign people are involved. As per the ancient classics, these natives tend to be very compassionate, generous and kind. In the entire zodiac circle, Pisces is the most selfless and unconditionally loving sign. In addition to that, the ruling planet Jupiter is the planet of kindness, generosity, and ethics.  Hence, a strong and dignified Jupiter extends these character traits making them very humble and loving. However, if Jupiter, the guiding planet is in bad dignity or ill-placed, it indicates that the kindness and generosity of these natives is an illusion which traps others into thinking that they are selfless.

It is also mentioned that these natives tend to have many hidden enemies. This is because Sun in Pisces gives a direct aspect upon Virgo, which indicates disputes and enemies. Sun forms the 8th disposition from its own sign Leo which indicates sudden events and underground matters. Hence, they will attract jealousy in the form of jealous people. However, Sun is placed very well in Pisces, these enemies will not cause any harm to the natives and additionally, these natives can defeat their enemies with relative ease. However, due to their natural propensity for kind-heartedness and humility, they will not resort to aggressive tactics to overcome their enemies. They have an innate talent to simply ignore these enemies and defeat any such opposition by using sheer mental strength which leaves the enemy in a struggling state of mind. Sometimes, they will overcome their enemies with weapons of love, peace and kindness.

The biggest strength of these natives is their extraordinary and powerful hidden sense, imagination and intuition. This is mainly due to Pisces which indicates imagination and subconscious wisdom. The 8th disposition provides these natives hidden wisdom with which they can sense hidden dangers and enemies. Hence, they can prepare themselves and take necessary steps to nullify any potential damages cause by their enemies.

The 8th disposition makes these natives very secretive by nature. This is because they are introverted by nature and analyse all the information in their head without discussing with anyone openly. Since they have a strong hidden sense, they will become suspicious and protective at the same time which enables to keep their thoughts private. This also means that these natives will have secret goals and ambitions which others are completely unaware of. Their highly imaginative traits enable them to become great artists.

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