Moon in Libra or Moon in Tula Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

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Libra is a sign of balance which is ruled by Venus, which is a feminine watery planet which shares an inimical relationship with Moon. The energy of two feminine planets make these natives tolerant, understanding and generous. These natives exhibit keen interest in sexual affairs though due to intense passion and sensuality. These individuals are very emotional in nature. Though Libra Moon natives are ambitious by nature, they sometimes depend upon others for their living. Men born under this placement are strongly influenced by women in their lives. Mostly, these natives are strongly attached to their mothers and sisters. These natives love lending a helping hand to others.

Libra Moon natives have a broad perspective combined with an accommodative nature. Since Libra is represented by balance, these natives are justice-seeking individuals who love to establish peace and harmony. This placement also gives them attractive looks. Since they are peace-loving individuals, their words have the power to comfort and heal the emotionally wounded people. They tend to help their relatives and maintain a cordial relationship with them. These natives are polite but tactful in nature, blessed with gift of gab and a strong power of persuasion. These natives have a string desire to be rich and famous. They are skilful, efficient and proficient in their work.

Libra Moon natives are lovers of beauty and luxury. This is mainly due to the influence of their ruling planet, Venus. They are repulsive towards violence and crude language even though they simply love to debate and argue a lot. These natives are hopelessly romantics and tend to fall in love easily. Others fall in love with them easily as well and this can be attributed to their sensual and pleasing aura. These natives may come across as fickle minded and indecisive, however, this is not true. This is because these natives tend to always weigh pros and cons before making any judgement or decision.  They love to be around people and are social butterflies. They make amazing partners because they are sensitive, sensual, romantic and caring, always doing everything in their power to keep their loved ones happy. These natives tend to live their lives to the fullest.

Libra Moon natives hate being alone. Hence, they have plenty of acquaintances and friends. These natives have a habit of entertaining their guests lavishly even if they themselves are in a bad situation. They are charming, gently and well-mannered and have friends from different strata of society. These individuals are excellent team players as well as excellent planners and executioners. Due to their focus on indulgence in luxuries, these natives may come across as impractical to other individuals.

Libra natives have a unique ability to establish great bonding and building a good rapport with others constantly. They show more inclination towards intellectual binding than physical attraction. These natives tend to seek interpersonal harmony and try to balance arguments and resolve conflicts between the parties. Due to their diplomatic and impartial nature, they will have a tough time declaring a verdict which will please both parties. They do possess negotiating skills. They always have an innate desire to maintain a peaceful environment.  Since this placement is ruled by the aesthetic Venus, love, beauty and the finer things in life are of supreme importance to these natives.

Libra Moon natives have an innate knowledge to share, blend with, and harmonize with people. Due to these traits, these natives will gain fame and graciousness in most situation. These natives are known to possess a reasonable and fair-minded approach to life that helps them gain respect in the society. Individuals with this placement turn to be excellent planners and strategists due to their eye for detail. They are very considerate in nature and display a positive outlook on life. These natives are very caring and sympathetic as well. When they are faced with difficult situations, they are very tactful. They tend to be source of inspiration in the lives of their loved ones.

Libra Moon natives can be self-indulgent and dependent at times. Their tactfulness and natural ability to see both sides of every situation will often lead to indecisiveness. They seek help from their partners or their friends before deciding the best course of action. These natives tend to become overindulgent when it comes to their expensive tastes, which can lead to extravagance. These natives tend to overemphasize the importance of relationships in their lives. When they don’t have someone significant in their lives, they will become disillusioned and disappointed. They lack a strong sense of self of personal direction. In their need to please and appease other people, they may bend their will and not reveal what they truly want. This may lead to embarrassing situations wherein others end up feeling that these natives have something to hide.

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