Rahu in Scorpio or Rahu in Vrishchik Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars, which is generally inimical towards Rahu. Scorpio is a sign which is known for its secrecy and mystery while Rahu is also considered as the master of confidential information and secret knowledge. Hence, these natives tend to be extremely mysterious in nature. These natives are very secretive about their activities. Others will be completely unaware of what these natives are up to. This placement bestows its natives with hidden powers, mysterious knowledge and strong intuition.

Rahu in Scorpio natives tend to suffer from minor health issues. These natives tend to feel burdened in life. This placement makes the native experience a loss in their longevity due to its association with 8th house. These natives tend to be strong and they defeat their enemies. They will do exceptionally well in the fields of research and development. They have a huge potential to earn plenty of wealth in life. They also tend to look for shortcuts in life. These natives are slightly inclined towards indulging in anti-social and criminal activities. On a brighter note, these natives can perform brilliantly in the fields of medicine and surgery.

Rahu in Scorpio natives tend to be extremely emotional in nature. Scorpio is the 8th sign which indicates mysteries, secrets, darkness and everything hidden beneath the surface. Since Scorpio is a secretive sign, these natives tend to keep their deep emotions hidden from the public view. If Mars is dignified in this placement, it indicates that the deeply emotional experiences will bring about maturation and transformation. This is also because Scorpio is a sign of deep transformation. The positioning of Rahu in this sign will enable these natives to harness these deep emotional experiences in order to attain spiritual enlightenment and salvation. However, if Mars in undignified, it indicates an inability to deal with the intensive energies of Rahu. These natives will be plagued with the fear of the unknown which would also result in mental and nervous breakdowns to these natives. Due to the presence of weak and undignified Mars, these individuals be fearful of mysterious experiences that happen in their daily lives. These natives tend to be experts in faking their emotions.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac which represents occult wisdom, hidden energies, and intuition, or hidden senses. With the presence of Rahu in this sign, the hidden senses of these natives will be amplified greatly. Hence, these natives will be capable of predicting the future or reading the minds of others. In this situation, their hidden sense and strong intuition will help them during the process. Since Scorpio signifies everything that is underneath the surface, Rahu endows these natives with deep research abilities to dig deeper into any truth, topic or matter. Hence, these natives have huge potential to become best detectives in the world. If Mars is dignified, their hidden senses and ability to dig deep into every topic becomes stronger. It indicates that these natives will use their special powers in a constructive manner by helping the people around them. However, if Mars is undignified, then it indicates that these natives will use their special powers and intelligence for sinful and evil purposes in an attempt to cause damage to other good people. In this case, these individuals will become extremely secretive, deceptive, and delusional.

Rahu in Scorpio natives are extremely resistant to mental stress. These natives can handle the emotional difficulties very well and instead of breaking down, they become mentally strong and resistant to stress. These natives cannot be easily influenced or manipulated. However, these natives can powerfully influence or manipulate others with their strong manipulated traits given by Scorpio. It is said that these natives are so mysteriously scary which makes their enemies extremely fearful of them. They are able to strike great fear in the heart of their enemies and often can cause mental breakdowns to them. Alternatively, if Mars is undignified, then these natives will be mentally weak and easily breakable. They tend to be negatively manipulative which causes them to influence others negatively.

When Mars is dignified in this placement, these natives will be endowed with massive physical strength, unshakeable courage and fearlessness. These natives tend to be very competitive as well as cunning. Rahu as the master of worldly matters tends to combine their strength with cleverness and wisdom, which naturally increases their chances to succeed in any competition. These natives are known to be very righteous due to the dignified Mars in this placement. Ancient classics also indicate that these natives will use their special hidden intellect, fearlessness and physical strength in order to protect truth, righteousness and God’s will. However, an undignified Mars in this placement indicates individuals who will be naturally deceptive and physically dangerous. Since Scorpio is a water sign, these natives can understand the emotions and thoughts very easily thus making them very compassionate and caring.

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