Sun in Cancer or Sun in Kark Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

Celebrity Astrologer having around 12 years experience in Vedic Astrology, Ner & Color Therapy. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by Moon which is a feminine watery planet. Sun is a fiery masculine planet; however, it shares a friendly relationship with Moon. Despite contradictory energies, these planets balance each other. Moon is the guiding planet for Sun in this sign that is ruled by Moon. Hence, the positioning and placement becomes crucial in determining favourable conditions for the Sun in Cancer natives. Due to the influence of Moon in this placement, the native is usually of a vacillating mind. This indecisiveness hampers their endeavours.

People with Sun in Cancer are very soft and generous due to the sensitive and emotional nature of Cancer with Sun in it. When Sun shares energies with their Moon, it gives the natives the ability to nurture. These natives can offer great moral support to others while being compassionate and selfless. They take it upon themselves to heal the pain in the people around them. Hence, these traits make others deeply drawn into them. Conversely, it also means that others subconsciously seek support and emotional nurturing from these natives.

Ancient Scriptures state that Sun in Cancer natives have a fickle mind. This is mainly due to the influence of Moon, which rules this sign. Moon is the planet that rules over mind and causes unsteady mindset. Cancer is a dual sign which indicates a multidimensional mentality that enhances energy to a variable mindset. Hence, their moods and emotions can vacillate from one side to another. Thus, they feel and think one way in a one time, and another time they feel exactly the opposite.

Natives with Sun in Cancer are virtuous and pious beings who live and abide by the moral principles. These individuals are good-looking and have charming yet magnetic personality. They have a special liking for activities related to astronomy, geology and geography. Hence, they can excel in the fields of science and technology. Depending on the placement of other planets in the natives’ birth chart, they can become artists. These natives must work hard in order to achieve their goals.

According to ancient scriptures, these natives are blessed with a very attractive appearance. Dignified and Strong Moon adds favourability to appearance.  Simultaneously, Sun becomes strengthened and dignified in friendly sign Cancer which enables its appearance to shine.

 Sun in Cancer natives have a natural interest towards geography and related sciences. Cancer, being the 4th sign indicates landed property and geography. Hence, Sun provides the light and energy to these interests of Cancer. In addition to the above, they are attached to the land, real estate and property. Hence, this placement makes these natives seek mental satisfaction, comfort and security from real estate or simply enjoy the domestic comforts within their own home.

Per the scripture of Vedic Astrology, these natives also follow good morals and truths.  This is due to triangle of salvation called Moksha Trikona which is the spirituality that belongs to Cancer. These natives can become spiritually awakened. When the vital power and energy of the Sun is directed to Cancer, it can cause these natives to develop an interest in the matters of the afterlife.  These natives almost always try to follow a righteous path. They are also fond of good deeds that enable them to attain salvation. Since these natives tend to think from their heart rather than with minds, they have a strong sense of righteousness. They will go to any lengths to protect and maintain morality.

Sun in Cancer is twelve signs away from its own sign Leo which is generally considered difficult as per Vedic Astrology. 12th House is the house of hardships and difficulties. As a result, these natives can experience loss of physical strength and vitality at times. They have the tendency to become stressed and experience sleeplessness due to mental tension, agony and anxiety. Due to this, their mental outlook tends to be extremely stressed which will make them anxious and worried. However, this stress is good to them in the long run since it is meant to make them stronger from deep within to help develop that deep yet strong compassionate traits.

Sun in Cancer natives makes them very intuitive and they can detect lies very easily. Also, they can sense and feel when anyone is planning to do something immoral or devious. Their greatest weapon is their strong intuition. These natives have a superb imagination which enables them to channel divine energies through dreams or even spirit guides, which helps them to follow their lifepath in a righteous, moral and ethical manner.

Sun in Cancer natives are very responsible regarding expenses and they maintain a strong financial condition even during tough times. They love to donate for charitable causes. Due to the position of Sun, there are indications of earning from foreign sources.

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