Venus in Virgo or Venus in Kanya Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Venus is debilitated in Virgo, but this position of Venus is average because Mercury, the ruler of Virgo shares a friendly relationship with Venus. Venus in Virgo does affect these natives’ marital life negatively since Venus is associated with partner and marriage and also Venus is in debilitated position. Venus in Virgo natives tend to possess a cautious and careful personality. They do have a need and a string desire for love and attention of the opposite sex. Since Mercury is the planet of Intellect, this planet when combined with Venus makes the natives constantly think of thoughts related to love and sensuality. However, these individuals struggle to enjoy a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction their love and marital life.

Venus in Virgo natives tend to be devoted in their love relationships. They tend to value commitment as the highest ideal in their love relationships. They are very good and faithful lovers. Once they fall in love, they become completely involved in it. These natives tend to be polite, mannered, attractive and neat in appearance. They also have a strong love for luxuries. They take extra care in dressing well and maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. They have a natural liking for material comforts like vehicles, property, jewellery and so on. They are also professionally associated with beauty industry as well since they have a fine eye for appreciating beauty. They are also skilled and proficient in creative fields like fine arts, music, dance, etc.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac which represents excessive attention detail and criticism as well while Venus is the planet of love and affection which does not place any conditions on love. According to the principles of ancient Vedic astrology, Venus is fallen or debilitated in the sign of Virgo which means that the environment of Virgo is too analytical and practical for Venus to express its energies without any restrictions.

Venus forms a 5th disposition in this sign which indicates romance and matters of the heart. Hence, a weakened Venus forming thus disposition indicates an inability to express the feelings of the heart. However, a dignified Mercury can help these native to find the perfect match who can meet all their expectations and desires. A strong Mercury which is the planet of communication ensures a healthy relationship between the couple which is pivotal for a happy and harmonious marriage. These natives have superior attention to detail which will enable them to attain harmony in the relationship as they tend to focus on things that matter the most.

Venus in Virgo natives tend to expect their materialistic conditions to be met before expressing their love. Hence, their love towards someone is conditional. They expect their partners to act, look and behave in the way they desire instead of accepting their authentic self. Since they tend to constantly criticise their partners, their significant others will be defensive towards these natives. Hence, there are high chances of getting into a manipulative relationship rather expression of pure feelings of romance. These natives tend to look for romantic partners who are financially well established.

Venus in Virgo placement produces a 12th disposition which influences sensuality of these natives a lot. Venus is also a planet of sensuality. Hence, these natives are very sensual. However, due to the debilitated Venus in this placement, these natives tend to manipulate others with their sensuality. They become sensual and charming in order to attain their selfish needs. If Mercury is dignified, then it will prevent these natives from using their enhanced sensuality to manipulate others and rather use to improve their relationships.

Venus in Virgo placement indicates perfectionism towards beauty as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. Hence, these individuals may spend a lot of time taking care of themselves and still end up dissatisfied. This quality motivates them to take care of themselves more than average people do. Hence, they usually have a perfect appearance. These natives tend to have a very gentle, pleasing, feminine and beautiful physique. These natives are beautiful due to the friendly relationship shared between Mercury and Virgo. These natives tend to exhibit a practical character which causes them to become emotionally withdrawn and aloof.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which indicates mental agility and cleverness. There is also a 5th disposition which denotes wisdom and intelligence. Since there is a debilitation of Venus in this placement, it can make these natives mentally tricky and clever at the same time. They keep changing their attitudes for negative purposes. In addition to the above, Venus is the planet of beauty which also indicates that these natives can mislead or distract others with their immense beauty. If Mercury is ill placed or undignified, then it indicates that these natives can use their beauty in order to trap the members of opposite sex for achieving their selfish needs. 

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