Moon in Capricorn or Moon in Makar Rashi

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Jothidar Chandrasekaran

Jothidar Chandrasekaran

He has more than 35 years experience in Vedic Astrology. A very pious personaility he suggests simple remedies which can be done by anyone. Speaks Tamil, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Capricorn is a serious sign, ruled by Saturn, which has a natural ability to delay things in life. This planet shares an inimical relationship with the Moon. Hence, these natives invariable encounter delay and obstacles. However, this does not imply that Moon in Capricorn is a negative placement. Moon in Capricorn natives are very determined, firm, resolute, reliable and persistent, which Saturn bestows its natives with. These natives are stubborn in nature. Once they made up their mind, nothing can change their decision. These natives tend to be serious and stable all the time.

Capricorn Moon natives work hard to achieve their goals. Though they are emotional inside, they struggle to express their feelings. These natives are known to be self-conscious, cautious, shy, reserved and conservative. Oftentimes, these natives tend to struggle in expressing their sexual feelings as well. They can be fickle minded and blackmail others emotionally. Most individuals born under this placement desire to reach great heights in life and become famous. They also love to help and lead others. Hence, they involve themselves in social work and community leadership. These natives tend to earn plenty of money in their lives, especially in the later part of their lives.

Moon in Capricorn natives are extremely practical, hard-working and consistent. They are also known for their perseverant and steadfast attitude. Financial security is very important for them and this is one of the main reasons why they work hard to ensure a financially secure future for self and their family. They never give up and hence, they can finish even the most difficult projects. These natives are also protective about their loved ones. Since they are traditional and conservative in their outlook, they will take special care of their ageing loved ones like aged parents or grandparents.  They are naturally attracted to the individuals who are elder to them. Social status is also very important for these natives and they will refrain from discussing their personal lives in public. They love to be in control of their surroundings and hence, they appear as Calm, cold and collected individuals to those around them. 

Moon in Capricorn natives will never take any unnecessary risks since they are very cautious and reserved by nature. Hence, they strategize carefully to their own benefit.  They pride themselves in being meticulous and competent. They tend to identify their inadequacies well and will attempt to overcome them. They do have an innate strong need to be respected by others. These natives will find it hard to deal with their emotions and are fearful of such delicate issues. They can be harshly self-critical. In love and relationships, they tend to worry a lot, and find it extremely difficult to those who have different set of beliefs and values.  Since they are conservative in nature, they will never question traditions and customs. These natives tend to plan for their retirement and their children’ future way ahead of time. They have surplus money to cover any extra expenses. They tend to look for friends and partners who can help them in their worldly ambitions.

Moon in Capricorn natives are naturally efficient, and they set practical and realistic goals for themselves. They possess a strong sense of purpose. These natives tend to do well in public positions. These individuals are highly intelligent, and they know the value of knowledge, and use it as a powerful weapon to their advantage. They are extremely dignified and love to concentrate on the task at hand rather wasting their time. These natives have a strong fear of rejection. Thus, they find it difficult to let go and anger and resentment, which can lead to adverse effects on their health. Since they are workaholics, they tend to neglect other important areas of their lives. In their pursuit to achieve financial security and great social standing, they tend to avoid the pitfalls on losing out on amazing relationships. This may often to lead to emptiness even after succeeding greatly.

Moon in Capricorn natives are natural lie detectors. This means that it’s not that easy to fool these natives. They have a very insightful nature which makes them emotionally aware of their immediate surroundings. They are very sensitive to the opinions of others even though they might not appear so. Since they are highly intuitive, they can sense the moods and emotions of other around them and will do utmost to help them. They also have a unique ability to provide moral support to the morally weak individuals. This trait helps them to become excellent philanthropists, social workers, preachers and humanitarians.  These natives take great care of their parents even when they become old and will do almost anything to keep them safe, secure and happy. These natives also have an excellent sense of humour and can brighten the mood of those around them.

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