Rahu in Cancer or Rahu in Kark Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Cancer is a water sign ruled by Moon. When Rahu, an airy planet is placed in a water sign, it tends to make the natives highly emotional and caring. Moon gives its natives emotion while Rahu gives confusion. Hence, individuals born under this placement tend to feel emotionally unstable. They tend to be overwhelmed with their confusing feelings and perplexing emotions. These natives tend to have deep penetrating thoughts of most things in life. These natives can be a little indecisive due to their wavering thoughts.

Rahu in Cancer natives are blessed with a huge amount of wealth. They tend to enjoy authoritative positions. They are very responsible beings. They tend to experience discontent and lack of peace of mind. These natives tend to experience sadness as well. They will have property disputes which will plague their peace of mind. These natives tend to play with others’ emotions which can also lead to betrayal.

The ruling planet of Cancer is Moon, which rules over the mind as well. Rahu is aggressive, turbulent, restless, impulsive and dynamic in nature. If Moon is dignified, then this placement can intensify the thinking power of these natives. Due to this positive effect, these native are endowed with an exceptionally sharp and dynamic mind which helps them to initiate projects and finish them quickly and efficiently as well. However, if Moon is undignified in this placement, then the turbulent air of Rahu can disturb the calm waters of Moon which will result in mental stress and tension. These natives can become dishonest when they try to achieve their goals.

Cancer, which has Moon as its lord, is a very emotional sign. Rahu intensifies these sensitive and emotional traits in these natives which makes them extremely emotional. Hence, their emotions are ever changing and extremely hard to understand. Due to their overly sensitive nature, these natives can overreact to the slightest things. Rahu is considered to be the master of illusion which gives these natives the ability of faking emotions in order to manipulate others. This usually happens when Moon is in undignified position in this placement. They can also be deceived and taken advantage of by others. It indicates a gullible mindset which can be easily cheated and tricked. However, if Moon is dignified, it indicates that these natives will be very compassionate but possessive and obsessive. These natives tend to perform exceptionally well in the fields that require healing others at both emotional and physiological level. Hence, they can be great spiritual leaders, good psychologists, excellent counsellors and great doctors as well.

Rahu in Cancer natives tend to be extremely adaptive to every situation and environment. If Rahu amplifies a strong and dignified Moon, then these natives will be skilled in manifesting abstract ideas into reality.  They can efficiently manifest their thoughts by putting their ideas into action. These natives will be blessed with the knowledge on how to operate in this material world efficiently. Moon is known for its powerful intuition and Rahu also gives these natives exceptional intuition which enables them to harmonize their ideas with the universe and act in the right time which helps them to manifest their ideas into reality.

Rahu is considered as the planet of deception while Cancer indicates thinking patterns. Hence, the individuals born under this placement will be very clever, intelligent, tricky and suspicious. This placement tends to create individuals who will be extremely secretive in nature. These natives are more than likely to keep their plans, ideas and thoughts hidden from others as much as possible. Hence, these natives are seen as very unpredictable individuals. Since the minds of these natives are filled with various thoughts and worries, they tend to become restless and anxious. Since most of their thoughts are negative in nature, these natives will almost always question the motives of others. Hence, they will be extremely alert and often expect others to betray them unexpectedly. Hence, others find these natives hard to trust.  If Moon is dignified in this placement, it immensely benefits these natives to apply their traits in an ethical and honest manner. These natives can then use their clever and suspicious mind in activities that require deep investigation skills and psychological power. Hence, they can be excellent detectives, brilliant forensic scientists and powerful psychologists. However, if Mercury is undignified, then these natives harness their psychological powers in bad ways. In this situation, their minds will be filled with various evil thoughts.

According to Vedic astrology, Cancer is the most protective and compassionate feminine sign in which Rahu amplifies these traits. Hence, the individuals born under this placement tend to be overprotective. These natives are willing to do anything to protect their loved ones and save them from trouble. These natives can perform great heroic acts for the safety of others.

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