Rahu in Taurus or Rahu in Vrishabha Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Rahu is exalted in Taurus and hence, it tends to bring auspicious results most of the time. Taurus is an earth sign and when an airy planet like Rahu is placed in it, it tends to provide a stability and a sense of permanence in the lives of these natives. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which signifies love, passion, sensuality and partner while Rahu is generally associated with foreign things. Hence, these natives tend to get married to partners who belong to a different caste.

Rahu in Taurus natives have a huge potential to earn plenty of recognition and respect from the government of their nation. These individuals will be respected and admired among their social circle. These natives are bestowed with property and land ownership. These natives are known to be very emotional and short-tempered as well. Due to their harsh way of speaking, these natives tend to face issues with their spouses. They tend to involve themselves in unnecessary arguments. This placement also tends to make the person spend a lot of money on luxury items. These natives can be prone to addictions and may sometimes choose illegal methods of earning.

Taurus is a sign which indicates wealth, luxury and lavish lifestyle while Rahu is the master of illusion. Hence, it becomes the primary indicator of worldly matters and materialism. Hence, these natives tend to have an intense yet increased thirst for wealth, luxury and comforts. They will be excessively attached to materialistic pursuits which puts them in risk of forsaking higher spiritual values. However, if Venus is dignified in this placement, then it will prevent these natives from getting overly greedy and extremely materialistic. It also gives the natives the ability to control their desires for obtaining luxuries, comforts and other materialistic pursuits. Alternatively, if Venus is undignified in this placement, then these natives will inherit bad characteristics. They will be excessively attached to materialism which spoils their character. Therefore, they will go to the extent of becoming sinful, wicked, deceptive and manipulative in order to achieve their materialistic goals.

Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty, these natives tend to be extremely attractive, mesmerizing and pleasing in appearance. If Venus is strong and dignified, then it indicates that these natives will take extra and special care of how they look and appear in front of public. However, if Venus is dignified, it can enhance the beauty along with deceptiveness. These natives can appear extremely appealing and delightful, but they will have hidden motives and selfish goals. This effect is caused by Rahu, a master of illusion being placed in a sign of beauty. They can deceive almost anyone, and their beautiful appearance effectively disguises the hidden evil in these natives. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which denotes different kinds of artwork such as arts, painting, architecture, design, etc.  Rahu greatly enhances the sense of arrangements and colours of the natives. Hence, these natives tend to be endowed or rather blessed with increased artistic senses. These natives have an amazing ability to form beautiful shapes and mixtures of colours in any area of life from architecture to painting. If Venus is dignified in this placement, then these natives will try to utilize their artistic senses and talents in order to become famous in the world of arts. In some cases, these natives will be completely unaware of artistic talents which they possess. However, if Venus is undignified, these natives will then use their talents in a negative manner by misguiding the society from a stable path. Such individuals tend to express their hypocrisy through their creations.

Venus is also a planet which indicates sensuality and passion while Rahu signifies pleasures and related activities as well. These natives have the potential to become ultimate pleasure-seekers with increased sensuality due to the amplification of Venus in this placement. Rahu tends to increase the sensuality of these natives to an extent where the native rarely achieves satisfaction and hence, these natives will be very hard to please. This will often lead to untoward incidents when they try to seek hidden pleasures outside of the relationship. However, if Venus is dignified and strong in this placement, then these natives will be able to remain loyal and faithful to their partner. They will also harmonious sensual experiences with their partner Venus is the planet of marriage. This also indicates that their partners will satisfy their desires in unimaginably great ways which will make them loyal and sensually devoted to their partner.

Rahu in Taurus placement makes the natives extremely ambitious and persistent along with good intelligence. If Venus is well placed and dignified, then it can enable these natives to succeed in materialistic pursuits. These natives will also be blessed with abundance of luxurious items and conveyances throughout their lives. 

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