Ketu in Leo or Ketu in Simha Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

Celebrity Astrologer having around 12 years experience in Vedic Astrology, Ner & Color Therapy. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

The lord of the 5th sign Leo is Sun, which is an enemy of Ketu. Sun lends aggression and ambition to Leo natives. When Ketu is placed in the fiery sign of Leo, it tends to make the natives very impulsive in speech, thought and action. These natives tend to get angry without any reasons or due to misunderstandings. This is mainly caused due to the confusion and impulsiveness rendered by the shadowy planet, Ketu. These natives tend to feel a lot of uncertainty and doubt before venturing into anything new. These natives tend to lack confidence in most areas of their lives. Their minds are often filled with plenty of questions and doubts about everything in their lives. 

Ketu in Leo natives tend to develop fear of poison and snakes very early in their lives. This placement also makes these natives prone to stomach related issues. These natives are very eloquent and well versed in many languages. These individuals are normally talkative; however, they do not involve themselves in the society around them. These individuals tend to be more interested in artistic pursuits. They have a huge potential to become renowned and famous artists. These individuals have the potential to attain success in politics as well. These natives are known to self-reliant endowed with strong management and administrative skills.

The placement of Ketu in Leo tends to create aggressiveness, self-centredness and egoistic mentality. These natives are highly inclined towards fulfilling their materialistic desires in this life. These natives tend to experience a lot of fluctuations throughout their lives. Since Ketu is the natural enemy of the ruling planet Sun, it brings about disastrous results on these natives However, these individuals have an enormous potential to follow a unidirectional path in order to be successful. These natives are advised to adopt a friendly approach in order to obtain a stable position in the world.

Ketu in Leo natives can sometimes be very deceitful and wicked as well have a political attitude with a strong inclination towards materialistic life. Hence, these natives tend to achieve powerful positions in the society, especially in the arena of politics. These natives are endowed with an amazing ability to handle difficult circumstances in life even if they are facing doubts or internal issues. These natives are interested in research of stock market, financial markets or politics, which are the indications of Leo.

Ketu in Leo natives are driven by a strong desire to reach the top position in their field of activity. If there are negative influences in the birth chart of these natives, they might end up using other people to achieve their goals for selfish reasons and purposes.  These natives will learn eventually that they will reach their greatest happiness when they are able to set aside their own needs and adopt a humanitarian attitude towards everyone around them. This placement of the Ketu indicates the area in life that is immensely burdened with desire for personal achievement.

When Ketu occupies the sign of Leo, it tends to blunt the divine intelligence of Sun, confusing the perception with uncertainty about creative ego expression in general and about assuming dramatic, royal, attention-seeking roles in specific. Hence, these natives tend to criticize the politics of others and try to challenge claims that the Divine is working through others. Due to this attitude, these individuals tend to develop an attitude of cynicism in which they will feel extremely frustrated.

If there are beneficial aspects involved, it can produce creative genius who will be blessed with the ability to express unworldly sounds through music, teaching and preaching, and colour through painting. Ketu in Leo natives are naturally by the past-life karma into the world of theatre and politics, where they would interact with celebrities as they used to do in previous lives. In this present life, these natives do not crave for any applause or attention.

Ketu in Leo natives are very egoistic with a high level of self-pride. These natives are extremely volatile with an explosive mentality. They are also bestowed with high energy levels. However, these natives will possibly use it for performing wicked acts. These natives are very jealous in their behaviour. This placement tends to cause problems in childbirth. It also indicates unhappiness through children. There are indications that the children of these natives will not have sound health which will be major cause of concern for these natives. Hence, this placement tends to give a lot of stress and mental tension to these natives. These natives tend to have abdominal problems. When there is an influence of Jupiter or good Saturn, then this placement will make the natives extremely spiritual and religious. They will make great progress in their spiritual paths However, if there are negative planetary influences, it indicates a cruel and wicked mentality.

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