Saturn in Libra or Saturn in Tula Rashi

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Sanjeeva Reddy

Sanjeeva Reddy

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Saturn in Libra is considered to be a positive placement in Vedic astrology since Venus, the ruling planet of Libra shares a friendly relationship with Saturn. Saturn is in exalted position when placed in Libra and so this placement naturally benefits these natives. Saturn blesses these natives with luxuries due to the favourable positioning of it in this friendly sign. These natives tend to have a natural inclination towards materialistic comforts and pursuit, but these natives tend to strike the right balance in life mainly due to the influence of Libra (represented by scales).

Saturn in Libra natives tend to be justice-loving and fair in their approach towards all matters in their lives. These natives possess an intellectual and diplomatic mind. When confronted with confusing or critical situations, these natives are extremely tactful in dealing with them. These natives are naturally good at working with others. This placement enables these individuals to be diplomatic in their interaction with others and hence, they know how to use others to their advantage. However, they tend to face either delays or obstacles in their love affairs and marriage matters since they tend to feel unloved and ignored. These natives must work hard and be patient in order to have a successful marriage.

Saturn in Libra natives tend to be blessed with high reputation, rank, and honour in society as per the ancient Vedic astrological classics. These natives have high chances of becoming famous in their field of activity. Due to the exalted position of Saturn in this sign, it increases the auspicious results of Libra thereby blessing its natives with great social rank and reputation.

Saturn in Libra natives will be endowed with abundant wealth. This effect is supported by the significance of powerful Saturn, which represents enhanced social status along with high achievements and wealth gains. The general rule in the birth chart is that a strong Saturn will support everything as being powerful as Sun. These natives are extremely fond of travelling to foreign lands. They have an inborn thirst for adventure and travel which helps them to get the much-needed inspiration to meet new people and share their ideas, views and truths with them. Hence, this exalted position of Saturn ensures that these individuals will have lots of fruitful journeys to distant lands.

Saturn in Libra natives are blessed with material possessions like land and property. Since Saturn is strong in this planet, it gives its natives desire and inclination to invest in real estate and various lands.  These natives have a huge potential to become successful and earn a lot of wealth by doing these activities. These individuals tend to be associated with business that involves building or related to buildings.

Saturn in Libra natives tend to be conformists who will emphasize on equality in society and will do something from their side to influence the society positively. Hence, they are philanthropists in the truest sense of the word.  Their idea of a perfect world is a world in which justice and equality bloom improving every life in this world freeing it from its inherent social evils. These natives are dedicated to serving the higher truth and justice.

Saturn in Libra have a huge potential to become famous and reputed for their honesty, and pious deeds. They tend to get admired by other members of the society for their righteous and justice-loving character. Since Saturn rules Capricorn, which indicates power and authority, an exalted Saturn in Libra indicates that these natives are capable of achieving great things in their field of activity and attain higher and powerful authoritative positions. These individuals tend to be great natural leaders with a natural philanthropic mindset which attracts others to them. Hence, they will receive plenty of support from the masses in their society.

Due to the beneficial 10th and 9th dispositions formed in this placement; these natives tend to be fortunate as well as hardworking in nature. These natives are extremely hard working which will help them during the difficult times since Saturn is the planet of delays and obstacles. These natives set high standards for themselves and others to follow. These natives are very diplomatic, honest and ethical in their interaction with others. Strong Saturn also indicates that these natives will the highest form of respect towards subordinates or followers with a sense of equality regardless of social rank or class. Hence, they tend to enjoy good, cordial and harmonious relations with others.

Libra mainly signifies relationships and marriage in Vedic astrology. Exalted Saturn in Libra ensures that these individuals will have a long lasting and successful marriage. They will also be blessed with a loving, understanding, noble and mature life partner. This placement also indicates a rich, wealthy and hardworking life partner. This placement also makes the natives inclined towards indulging in sensual desires since Libra which is ruled by Venus represents Sensuality.

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