Moon in Taurus or Moon in Vrishabh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Moon in Taurus is an exalted position for Moon; however, the lord of Taurus is Venus, which shares an enemy relationship with Moon. Their energies collide well since both are watery planets. This is a balanced position. People with Moon in Taurus are very romantic and good-looking. Their personality is attractive and sturdy. They have a beautiful face. They are known to be generous and charitable person who are willing to help those in need. This positive placement of Venus bestows the natives with riches and many possessions.

These natives are happiest during the middle and last part of their lives. They are attracted to luxuries and material possessions. These natives are known to be grounded, realistic and practical but they are generous as well. They are highly loyal, dependable, stable and committed as friends and partners. They are very intellectual blessed with a brilliant mind. Their relationships stand the test of time, but they can be possessive too. They are also blessed with a melodious voice. They are eloquent in speech and have a charming personality. Due to their natural sense of humour, they are fun people to be around. They have a strong liking for arts.

Moon in Taurus natives are known for their fixed nature, which can either manifest as stability or stubbornness. They consider financial security as an important aspect of their lives and they will achieve this through hard work, patience, and perseverance. These natives are usually comfortable with the familiar set-up and this makes them feel secure as well. However, sudden and unexpected changes do disturb them, and they are often uncomfortable with changes. A good spa, fresh smell, delicious food and expensive wine will make these natives relaxed.

Furthermore, Taurus Moon natives do not like to be pushed to do something in haste! They believe in working at a task in a steady, patient and perseverant manner. They tend to take their responsibilities seriously. These natives are magnanimous and charitable individuals who are ready to help the needy persons especially their closed ones. They tend to strive for security and stability in their lives. They are a naturally cautious individuals who prefer to stay away from risks. They can overcome adverse situations in order to achieve their goals. These natives also tend to be stubborn and rigid in their ways and even in dealing with their things, work, and projects. These natives are strong-willed and hence, they will not leave any projects halfway or unfinished. They do have many friends; however, they have a chosen few in their inner circle. They have a reserved mindset due to which they open their feelings only to their near and dear ones. They have also a strong desire to make their closed ones feel comfortable.

Taurus Moon natives are highly stable, reliable, dependable, patient, gentle and calm by nature. They are sociable and enjoy the company of other people, but they permit only few people in their inner circle. They are emotionally stable and balanced as well with a strong sense of right and wrong. They tend to move onto the next project only if the present projects which they are handling are successfully completed. They are magically aware of the situations in their life and they are extremely careful in their approach for all aspects in life. They tend to analyse from all angles before taking or making any decision. They love to take a second opinion or perspective as well before making decisions or judgement. This character trait makes them prudent and patient.  Since they are highly patient and industrious, they can wait for long years to get the desired results. They can do monotonous work happily without complaining or whining. They have the inner strength to manage and survive any adversities or uncertainties coming in the path of success. They are instinctive by nature and they have a very systematic approach for dealing with things. They tend to accumulate wealth gradually. They love to save money instead of spending it and by doing so, they achieve financial stability and security.

Since these natives have a habit of seeking stability and security in almost every situation, they tend to become slaves to routine. They can be shy and won’t confess their feelings easily leading to bottling up of emotions which can keep festering from within. Once they make up their mind on something, they become stubborn and stick to it even if it is difficult for them. These natives tend to be overly concerned about material and domestic comforts and tend to give undue important to social status. Since they tend to get too comfortable in their familiar setting, they can become lazy at times. These natives are known to be very sensitive and will take offense at small white lies from their partners.

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