Saturn in Cancer or Saturn in Kark Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

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Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by Moon, which related to mind and emotions. Saturn shares an inimical relationship with Moon and hence, it tends to give mental distress to the natives having Saturn in Cancer. Hence, these individuals tend to have great depths of character. They have deep thought processes. Saturn endows these natives with a reflective mind; however, it makes them think negative and depressing thoughts. These natives have high expectations from their friends and loved ones. Hence, they can be easily hurt when their expectations are not met. These natives struggle to enjoy peace of mind due to constant anxiety and worry. These natives tend to feel a sense of sadness and loneliness in their life.

Saturn in Cancer natives tend to have a calm and collected exterior, but they have a hidden inner self. It is equivalent to the old adage that still waters run deep. This placement indicates that these natives will have a strong liking or fondness for children and friends, but they do not like to express their love and feelings to them. These natives are extremely attached to their families, which will be a blessing as well as a burden. While these natives will love their family members, there will be a distinct lack of warmth between these natives and their family members. This placement also gives its natives a stubborn, obstinate and slow-moving character. It can make the natives selfish and snobbish.

Saturn in Cancer natives tend to be patriotic and over-protective as per the principles of the ancient Vedic astrology. The delaying nature or obstructive characteristic of Saturn in this sign creates a lack of security in life. Hence, these natives tend to strive hard in establishing solid and secure fulfilment in their lives. They will normally work hard to achieve financial security in order to enjoy peace and stability in their life. Since Saturn casts a direct aspect upon its own sign Capricorn in this placement, these natives will be patriotic and law-abiding citizens.

Ancient Classical Vedic literature state that these natives will suffer in the early part of their life in the matters of health of wealth. In the later part of their lives, these natives will enjoy good health and abundant health. This is mainly due to the influence of Saturn which causes delay and hindrances regarding the significances of the 4th sign Cancer, such as luxuries, conveyances, comforts, vehicles, property, etc.  Hence, the auspicious results of this combination are likely to be experienced after the 36 years since Saturn matures astrologically then.

Cancer is a natural occupant of the 4th house, which signifies mother is also affected by Saturn. Hence, this sign is inimical to Saturn which indicates that there will be troubles with mother. There are indications that there will be frequent travels and enmity between the natives and their mothers. In extreme cases, this placement may give separation from one’s mother.

Ancient Vedic classics indicate that these natives will be naturally inclined towards performing good deeds in society. However, these individuals will have questionable yet hidden motives due to the affliction due to enmity with Saturn and Moon-ruled Cancer. These natives tend to perform pious acts to get the attention of others or for their selfish purposes. Hence, these natives may across as selfish, cunning and hypocritical individuals. They primarily do good deeds in order to gain reputation, name and fame in society. These natives are cowardly in nature who often do things in a sneaky way while projecting a strict and calm exterior. They tend to use their cleverness and sneakiness in order to win competition in an unfair manner by creating obstacles in the paths of their opponents. This can be attributed to the 6th disposition which mainly signifies challenges, opposition and competition. It also signifies envy and jealousy which also are their main motives for performing such acts.

Saturn in Cancer natives tend to perform senseless actions. This is mainly due to the affliction of Saturn in this sign which is ruled by Moon which causes these natives to have a bad mentality that supports foolish thinking patterns that translate into bad actions. Individuals born under this placement tend to take parenting very seriously. They tend to be very responsible, caring, and protective during the phase of raising the children. However, these natives tend to be extremely strict and harsh while bringing up their friends. Their children might face issues due to the extremely overprotective, smothering and strict methods of these natives.

The lord of Cancer is Moon which signifies emotions and mind. The presence of Saturn in Cancer tends to add coldness to its emotions. Hence, these natives tend to be cold, emotionless and strict. Due to their innate seriousness and deep-thinking patterns, these natives will express themselves in a mature, strict and patriotic way.     

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