Mercury in Sagittarius or Mercury in Dhanu Rashi

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Sanjeeva Reddy

Sanjeeva Reddy

Celebrity Astrologer having more than 15 years experience in Vedic Astrology, Numerology & Vastu. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks Telugu, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, which is considered to the most benefic of all planets in Vedic astrology. Though Jupiter shares an inimical relationship with Mercury, this placement is considered to be positive for the natives since both the planets are naturally benefic and bring positive results. Mercury in Sagittarius natives have a liberal approach in life, and they are the free spirits of the zodiac. Influence of Mercury endows them with the art of tact and diplomacy. They are inclined towards things of spiritual nature and will love to read and explore about spirituality.

Mercury in Sagittarius natives a strong urge to visit religious places and read spiritual books. They tend to have a philosophical bent of mind and they love discussing in depth on these topics. Psychology and religion also attract them as subjects of study. Since Mercury is the ruler of communication, these natives will be endowed with eloquent communication skills. They tend to be skilful in speaking and will be experts in writing. These natives tend to get fascinated by foreign languages and cultures. Their imagination is very rich, fertile and interesting. They have amazing storytelling abilities. Since their ideas are compelling and attractive, these natives can be excellent writers if they take up writing as a profession.

Sagittarius is the most optimistic sign since the 9th house indicates faith and belief in humanity. Meanwhile, Mercury is the planet of communication and information transfer, both verbal and written. Hence, these individuals tend to radiate optimism with their style of interacting with others. They can be practical, rational and realistic as well since Mercury rules Virgo as well. The analytical traits from Mercury will endow these natives with the ability to analyse each and every experience in their lives to produce better results. When these natives experience negative things in life, they tend to be optimistic and hopeful and rarely become pessimistic.

Mercury in Sagittarius natives tend to learn from every failure and negative experience instead of giving up halfway. They do have an amazing ability to see opportunity in every difficulty circumstance. These natives are adaptable, flexible and resourceful. They are very receptive to change and can adapt to any changes easily. They adapt to new conditions more efficiently with their optimism. These natives are known to be very tolerant and always seek to understand the views, ideas, thoughts and opinions of others.

Mercury in Sagittarius natives have the guts and courage to resist any negativity and persist to succeed and create a beautiful destiny for themselves. With their courageous attitude, they are able to empower and encourage others as well. These natives are also not afraid to express their liberal and unconventional ideas that are often different from the usual and conventional ideas.

Mercury in Sagittarius produces 4th and 7th dispositions which can make the individuals renowned and famous in society. Both 4th and 7th houses belong to Kendra Bhava or quadrant house group in Vedic Astrology which are extremely auspicious supporting pillars in life. These natives tend to give power to ideas, movements and projects with their undying optimism and intellect. Hence, they have the ability to become very influential in the society.

A dignified Jupiter is the planet of spirituality and higher wisdom which when combined with the intellect of Mercury tends to produce people with exceptional spiritual powers and insight. When these natives are righteous, moral, ethical and truthful, they become more trustworthy and naturally admired by the members of their society. These natives tend to be well versed in spiritual, philosophical and other topics related to spiritual wisdom. These individuals can express their wisdom through speech and written platforms. Hence, they make public speakers of truth and ethics of life.

Mercury in Sagittarius people have an excellent and authentic sense of judgement. They tend to follow the principles of truth and honesty while speaking about it. Hence, they practise what they preach. They tend to lead by example and will be influential in their society due to their clean image and righteous nature. However, if Jupiter is undignified, then these individuals can be unrighteous, immoral and sinful. Hence, they would not be able to judge others righteously.

The 4th disposition formed by Mercury in Sagittarius indicates domestic bliss, homeland and traditions. Hence, these natives are very respectful towards their traditions, especially the holy and sacred ones. They have an astonishing ability to grasp complex spiritual knowledge quickly and efficiently which makes them great scholars. Since the 7th disposition signifies trading, marketplaces, and partnerships, these natives can be successful in trading or joint ventures. They tend to become wealthy and prosperous through involvement in stock markets, mutual funds and partnership businesses. Since they are naturally honest and righteous in their dealings with others, they will be able to become competent traders which ensure plentiful gains.

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