Venus in Capricorn or Venus in Makar Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign and they have a stable character and temperament. Generally, Capricorn individuals are reserved and emotionally contained people. When Venus gets placed in Capricorn, it tends to restrict the expression of feelings and emotions. Venus in Capricorn natives tend to struggle in asserting their desires and expressing them to their partners. In love life, they tend to be timid. They have a general feeling of insecurity since they have an inherent feeling of rejection and loneliness. They tend to run away from these feelings which makes them appear emotionally distant and aloof to others.

Venus in Capricorn natives are very serious and prudent individua’s who guide their affairs with caution and discretion. They tend to be very practical regarding their love matters. They can be skilful in deception. This placement gives these natives a lot of distress and discomfort. It also tends to make them melancholic. However, in professional areas of their lives, they are exceptional and brilliant. They are advised to accept help from their partners during tough times to succeed in life.

Venus in Capricorn natives tend to be cold and rigid in love as per the principles of ancient Vedic astrology. This can be attributed to the influence of the cold planet Saturn which rules Capricorn. They tend to suppress their feelings since they desire stability in relationships, and they are willing to wait for the perfect match patiently. They like to settle for partners with genuine and authentic feelings rather than indulging partners who are shallow, superficial and fake. These natives tend to be stable and loyal in love. In love, their feelings are strong, stable, fixed and enduring. They are also disciplined and controlled in their approach which ensures that the relationship with these natives is long lasting and stable. These natives tend to be absorbed in their work, tasks, routines and regulations which makes them less interested in exploring the inner beauty of feeling and emotions. This also indicates that these natives will find a partner who shares many common interests.

Venus in Capricorn natives will be blessed with fortunate and financially stable spouses. They tend to get attracted to people who are stable, responsible and motivated. Dignified Venus in Capricorn natives are not known to be greedy and hence, they will be willing to work to together with their life partners to obtain success. They tend to form a mutually supportive and beneficial relationship. This placement produces a 9th disposition which indicates that the spouses of these natives will be wealthy and lucky as well. This also indicates that these natives’ luck will be increased after becoming united with their love partners. Due to the 9th disposition, relationship or marriage will turn out to be favourable for these natives. However, if Saturn is undignified in this placement, then it indicates immorality regarding love and sensuality. Hence, this can make these natives love conditionally with an attachment towards materialistic comforts.

Venus in Capricorn natives tend to very lucky and fortunate as well. They will be endowed with strong yet solid financial foundation and lots of valuables. The energies of the Saturn give them enough discipline, courage, persistence, and maturity to become prosperous in life. This placement enables its natives to work hard in order to achieve a comfortable and luxurious life. This combination is very auspicious regarding luxuries and material comforts. These natives have a strong desire to create or possess beautifully designed homes where there is a balanced environment. However, an undignified Saturn signifies the gain of wealth through sinful, unrighteous or immoral ways in order to quench their incomprehensible thirst for pleasure. It also indicates that these natives will be lazy and will be naturally inclined to try shortcuts to attain success and money.

Venus in Capricorn individuals tend to be very strict, righteous, firm, organized and justice loving. These natives expect everyone to follow in their footsteps since they are truthful and righteous in nature. They are disciplined and demanding when they are in leadership or authoritative positions. This combination is highly favourable for business partnerships. Success in indicated in joint ventures and partnership businesses. There are increased chances of obtaining success and prosperity.

Venus in Capricorn natives are stable and level-headed in their approach towards life relationships. They are also straightforward and decisive. Once they have decided on something, it is impossible to change their decision. Since they are very authoritative and demanding in relationships, a serious and mature partner will stimulate them greatly and spice up their marriage life. They desire to settle with partners who are very serious, stable and have clear aims and goals in life. They love individuals who are action-takers and risk takers.   These natives are also attracted to partners who have a matured mentality along with high reputation and great societal respect.

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