Mercury in Capricorn or Mercury in Makar Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

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Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury shares a friendly relationship with Saturn; however, this placement brings some hindrances due to Saturn’s presence in the background. Mercury in Capricorn natives tend to be methodical and cautious in their approach. Since Mercury and Capricorn have earth as their element, these natives will be realistic and grounded who will not be given to flights of fantasy.

Mercury in Capricorn natives have excellent business acumen and they have brilliant organization ability. These traits naturally give them an edge in their career. If there is a negative influence in this placement, then it can produce individuals who are harsh, deceptive, cunning and reserved in nature. These natives do not like to communicate often and prefer to keep their emotions and feelings hidden from the rest of the world. They tend to spend their life under the servitude of others rather than starting something on their own. These natives have a very stubborn and narrow-minded attitude which can be annoying to others around them. These natives are very intelligent, but they do not use their aptitude in constructive manner. They tend to be vulnerable to addiction and intoxication.

Mercury in Capricorn individuals tend to speak in a very slow manner because they never like to rush in decisions. They tend to prefer a cautious and patient approach to others. Since they cautiously analyse their words before expressing them, their statements tend to be accurate as well. Since these natives are patient by nature, they approach others with a relaxed voice which ensures that their listeners feel at home and at ease. Their steady nature makes them very supportive and cooperative. Since they observe patiently and analyse everything, their responses sound very convincing and strong. A dignified Saturn extends the auspicious effects of this combination as it makes the natives very respectful towards others. A strong Saturn also empowers their realistic communication style with strong morale, determination, will power and respect for justice. Conversely, an undignified Saturn produces natives who will be tale bearers and sowers of discord among people. They tend to use the secrets of others maliciously to their benefit.

Capricorn is a strict, serious, cold and demanding planet. Hence, individuals with Mercury in Capricorn will have these traits. They will behave in a strict, firm and serious manner. These traits get enhanced by the 8th disposition which signifies deepness, mysteries and darkness. These natives tend to be deep thinkers and express their thoughts in a deep meaningful way. Others will get scared of these natives due to their innate ability to delve into deep conversations that will unsettle others. These natives are also competent in professions that deal with the wealth of other people. If the Saturn is strong and dignified, then these natives will be mature and responsible. They will be trustworthy in their dealings with others. If there is an undignified Saturn, then these individuals will turn out to be timid, fearful and less competent.

Mercury is placed in 8th from its own sign Gemini in this placement. Hence, these natives will experience difficult yet unexpected situations in their lives. However, if Saturn is well placed and strong, then it can produce sudden events that support Mercury which can in turn trigger positive outcomes out of these unexpected disturbances. These natives tend to learn from these difficult circumstances and experiences. Due to the presence of strong Saturn, these natives will be extremely stress-resistant, and they will be tough even under the most difficult circumstances. If Mercury is misguided by Saturn, then these natives can be rigid and inflexible which makes them unable to deal with sudden dramatic changes in their lives. They will have severe resistance to change and will want to stay stuck to their conventional ways of dealing with things.

Mercury in Capricorn forms a 5th disposition which indicates wisdom and intelligence. Mercury is a planet which rules intelligence which indicates that these natives will have innately heightened learning abilities. In addition to the above, the energies of the 8th disposition supports Mercury in great ways. It bestows its natives with an ability to dive deep into various topics and conduct deep research. They will be excellent researchers in the field of Physics, Biology and other interdisciplinary fields due to their focus on deep facts and specific details. The 8th disposition also endows its natives with strong intuition and hidden senses which helps them to understand the various mysterious parts of life like psychology, religion, occult sciences, etc. The presence of a dignified Saturn makes these individuals extremely patient and methodical. They can be best investigators, excellent forensic scientists and competent psychoanalysts. However, an undignified Saturn indicates that these natives can get themselves involved in hidden or immoral sinful activities. Mercury in Capricorn individuals are blessed with a very detailed knowledge and understanding of rules and regulations.

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