Ketu in Virgo or Ketu in Kanya Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Virgo is an earth sign which has deep observation skills. This sign is ruled by Mercury, which shares an average relationship with Ketu. When Ketu is placed in the earth sign of Virgo, it tends to bestow plenty of mystery and secrecy to the natives. These natives tend to have deep thoughts and analysis. These natives are extremely talkative. These natives are endowed with a stable mind and temperament as Ketu shares a better relationship with Mercury when compared to Sun and Moon.

Ketu in Virgo natives tend to waste a lot of time in unnecessary activities. These natives tend to face minor health problems associated with legs or stomach area. They will have persistent digestion issues. These individuals are very intelligent and mentally aware. These natives have the ability to perform brilliantly in business on account of their great intellectual abilities. These natives tend to be very clever with a knowledge on how to use others in getting things done. These natives are very spiritual in nature.

Ketu in Virgo natives tend to be perceived to be more practical in their approach. The influence of Ketu also makes them more logical in their approach. These natives in their past lives were very methodical, strictly systematic and extremely detail oriented. They had spent their past lives in substantial discriminating conditions. The influence of this present life is endurance in research work, persistence, and efficiency and desire for the minutest accuracy. Hence, these natives will be interested in dealing with people and their emotions.

Generally, the placement of Ketu is unfavourable for the things of the mind. It tends to make the natives extremely materialistic and unappreciative of beauty. These natives have a strong penchant for analysis, which makes them judge everything according to its financial value; everything is considered in terms of money. Due to this trait, these natives tend to opt for a marriage of convenience rather one based on love and understanding. These natives will often find their progress in the material world relatively slow when compared to the progress they make in the emotional or spiritual world.

Ketu in Virgo natives tend to have an analytical frame of mind. This also shows that these individuals will have a sharp eye for detail and will never overlook the obvious. These natives tend to be experts at solving cryptic puzzles, often willing to spend many hours tediously searching for the answer or solution; however, they will be so absorbed with their activity that they will often lose perspective. These natives are endowed with an immense clarity of thought; however, they do experience complete peace of mind. These natives often don’t enjoy their own company. Hence, it tends to affect their ability to enjoy relationships. In some cases, these natives don’t feel human; these natives tend to operate like a well-oiled machine. However, not all these individuals are workaholics, there are some who intensely desire for a human connection. Since some of these natives are terrified of being alone, they tend to get themselves involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships which will eventually harm their well-being.

Ketu in Virgo natives tends to remove the shyness of the natives. They may be very argumentative with a harsh way of speech and expression. Though these natives will be surrounded with plenty of visible enemies, they will be able to defeat or destroy them all with harsh ways. These natives tend to be endowed with good physical and mental strength which gives them the ability to persevere under difficult circumstances.  These natives will do well in the fields of chemistry, medicine or even army. These natives will normally enjoy a smooth and happy life. Since these natives are extremely hardworking, they will earn plenty of wealth and there will be sufficient income to sustain their materialistic lifestyle. These natives will also be well known in their social circle due to their hardworking nature. These natives have the potential to achieve many successes if they are focused and dedicated in their field of activity. There are indications that these natives will be comfortably settled abroad.

Ketu in Virgo natives tend to create ideas which will be of profound spiritual significance, but they are very eccentric, ungrounded or unusual that they will never find their way in conventional social and educational institutions. These native tend to be intellectually gifted but the method of organizing information is very strange. These natives tend to talk and discuss matters which are beyond the comprehension of an average human being. They are endowed with such powerful force of intellect. These individuals may sometimes end pursuing dead-end analytical philosophy, or elaborately documented yet speculative conspiracy theories. This tendency will often make them lose sense of direction and perspective in the material world. These natives will be gifted analysts, physicians or ministers of human service.

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