Mars in Scorpio or Mars in Vrishchik Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Mars is placed in its own sign, Scorpio. Since Mars is the lord of Scorpio, this is a strong position for these natives. Mars in Scorpio natives tend to be mentally strong, self-motivated and disciplined in nature. They believe in succeeding on their own terms rather than depending on someone else for help. They are blessed with abundance of physical as well as mental energy. Due to the influence of Scorpio, these natives tend to be secretive and mysterious. They are intensely attracted to the members of the opposite sex. They tend to have a jealous and possessive streak in their behaviour when involved in romantic relationships.

Mars in Scorpio are notorious for their overly possessive nature. These individuals never ever let go of any betrayal. They are vindictive in nature. Hence, these natives can your best friend or your worst enemy. Since they are mentally strong, these natives tend to plan their moves cautiously and strategically. They are naturally instinctive as well which sometimes works to their disadvantage. They would do well to avoid this tendency. Mars in its own sign Scorpio makes these individuals naturally wise and intelligent. This combination produces an 8th disposition which enhances their intellect with intuition and hidden senses. Since they tend to combine their intellect with strong intuition, they become brilliant as well as wise in their approach. These natives are known to make the most correct and efficient decisions due to which they are highly respected in their social circle.

Ancient Vedic astrology scriptures also state that these natives will be competent managers, leaders, and statesmen. Mars being in its own sign Scorpio endows its natives with great leadership abilities. A dignified Mars ensures that these natives will be respectful towards leadership and authoritative figures. Their jealousy streak is greatly reduced as they do not hold any grudges towards those who have prospered. These natives tend to strictly follow the rules and policies. Hence, they have the capacity to attain high positions of authority. Since Mars is strong and dignified in this placement, these natives are naturally resistant to stress which may be caused by unexpected tragic events in life. Hence, they come across as pure souls with tempered mentality. Mars in Scorpio natives are extremely skilled in topics that pertain to hidden wisdom and complex understanding, such as astrology, occult sciences, psychology and so on. The placement of Mars in its own sign empowers these natives to explore the hidden world and the deeper mysteries of life. With their strong intuition and amazing intellect, these natives can also sense the hidden motives of others around them. It is said that no one can hide any secret from Mars in Scorpio natives.

With the presence of a strong Mars, it bestows its natives them with the ability to start tasks and projects. These natives have an amazing ability to apply their wisdom, experience and ideas into action and attain great results. They tend to overcome their fears by acting upon their desires, dreams and visions. Mars in Scorpio natives are extremely fearless. These individuals are at their best when everything is against them. Individuals with this combination have an immense amount of valour which enables them to face all their fears to become fearless. They have an innate ability to doing what they dread the most since they know that it is the best way to get rid of these fears and phobias. The fixed nature of Scorpio makes these natives stick to their decisions boldly. They cannot be easily convinced or persuaded to change their decisions or opinions.

Mars in Scorpio natives tend to be dominant, successful and competitive in any field of activity due to their immense fearlessness and personal courage. These natives when faced with failures tend to learn from it instead of getting bogged down by it. They are very persistent and tenacious in achieving their goals even in presence of many difficulties and obstacles. Failure and transformation develop their character due to the positive manifestation of the energies of 8th house. Since Scorpio in an aggressive side of Mars, it enables the natives to dominate and compete even under tough and demanding circumstances. They are willing to face their opposition exactly like they face their fears.

Mars in Scorpio natives are extremely hardworking. They do not believe in sudden and unexpected gains; however, they experience unexpected success after going through a lot of pain, stress and tough situations. This can be attributed to the positive manifestation of 8th disposition which indicates sudden events that transforms life positively. These individuals tend to be blessed with sudden gain of wealth and prosperity. According to the ancient texts of Vedic Astrology, these individuals are endowed with abundant wealth, children and a brilliant and attractive spouse. This is due to the natural rulership of Mars over the 8th house which represents the deepest miracles of life.

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