Rahu in Aries or Rahu in Mesh Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, which is a fiery masculine planet. Rahu is an airy planet and hence, the relationship between Mars and Rahu is not that positive. These natives tend to be very aggressive while being reckless and impulsive which in turn makes them fight without thinking of the implications or consequences. However, Rahu is considered to be a very clever planet as per Vedic astrology. It bestows its natives with plenty of intelligence and sharp mindset as well.

Rahu in Aries natives tend to obtain wealth unexpectedly. These individuals have an inherently strong desire to success in life. These natives are very determined in their professional lives. They put in a lot of hard work and efforts in order to advance their careers. They tend to make serious errors in judgement which also affects their decision-making abilities. Sometimes, these natives can be extremely selfish and egoistic which can affect their romantic relationships in an adverse manner. Hence, this is considered to be an average placement of Rahu for natives.

The energies of Rahu tend to resonate with the energies of Aries which is ruled by Mars. Both these planets represent courage, restlessness, enthusiasm, and eagerness to initiate new projects or new actions. Since Rahu is an airy planet, it tends to ignite the traits of Aries perfectly.

As per Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered as a thirsty character of illusion which is limitless. Hence, this character does not sense any fear, hesitation or cautiousness. Accordingly, Rahu in Aries natives tend to be extremely courageous as their valour is enhanced by this shadowy planet. Mars is considered as the host of Rahu, and when it is strong and dignified, then it indicates that these natives will be action oriented who will not waste much time in taking key decisions in their lives and also in fulfilling their desires. These natives do not easily get distracted or negatively influenced by naysayers or cynics and competitors since they are extremely self-confident. These natives have a strong yet intense belief that their success, fortune and progress is completely dependent on themselves and not on others. Hence, it tends to save a lot of time from brooding and depending on others for help and support. However, if Mars is undignified, it can make these natives use their courage on sinful or unethical deeds. They will display negative self-confidence in which they become egoistic and never think about what the others think or say.  

Aries is a sign which is related to mentality since it rules the head. Hence, the shadow Rahu in this sign affects it greatly. Hence, these natives tend to be extremely hot-headed and aggressive. It gives a wavering mentality to these natives. Mars is also known as the planet of protection. Rahu in this sign amplifies this effect thus making these natives develop innate warrior abilities. These natives are ready to take on any challenge or opposition. These natives tend to rely on their thoughts only as they prefer to operate on a mental plane rather than a philosophical or spiritual plane of thought. Since these natives tend to leap on decisions and actions without careful consideration of the consequences, they tend to learn from their mistakes and experiences rather than prevent them.

However, if Mars is strong and dignified, their natural impulsiveness and eagerness to act fast will eventually benefit these natives. It is due to the fact that Mars also rules over intuition and when it is strong, it tends to bless its natives with a precise and exceptional intuition which is further improved by the presence of Rahu. This accurate intuition can guide the actions of these natives in a fast way which also ensures that their impulsive decisions will eventually bring good themselves and other around them. However, if they start thinking and considering all the consequences, then it will make them confused and indecisive.

This combination of Rahu in Aries is meant to give these natives strong impulse, drive and intuition which should prevail over prolonged thinking. On the contrary, if Mars is undignified, then it indicates that these natives will be capable of causing much harm to others and their surroundings with their impulsive decisions which are generally based on bad judgement. In extreme cases, they tend to rarely care about consequences and create chaos and conflicts in order to achieve their selfish goals.

Rahu in Aries natives are endowed with fierce mentality and explosive temper which tends to empower their sheer determination. If Mars is dignified, it indicates a very ambitious individual who is dynamic and determined to succeed. Since these natives are inherently fearless, they are ready to take dangerous risks in life which also increases the chances of achieving sudden and unexpected abundance. These natives are also blessed with special physical capabilities, strength and endurance. 

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