Mercury in Cancer or Mercury in Kark Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Cancer is a movable water sign ruled by Moon which indicates unbridled emotions and mind. Moon gives the Cancer moodiness and directionless emotions; however, Mercury lends stability to wave of emotions. Hence, Mercury in Cancer bestows its natives with the wisdom to channelize emotions and mind in the right direction. They tend to be deep thinkers. They are very emotional individuals with a strong mental prowess and memory. They love to acquire a lot of knowledge and learn from their practical experiences in their lives.

Mercury in Cancer natives can easily memorize information such as names, dates and historic events. This can be attributed to their Cancer which is known for excellent memory power. These natives are very sympathetic towards others and are good listeners. They are also blessed with a vivid and fertile imagination. These natives have strong intuition that helps them connect to people on a subconscious level. These natives are very sentimental concerning their lover or spouse. They will be extremely loyal and faithful to their partner. They are very patriotic as well. This placement also bestows its natives with excellent communication skills which gives them the ability to speak and write well.

Mercury in Cancer natives tends to be learned and scholarly. They are also interested to travel to foreign destinations. They are naturally inclined towards sensual relationships. These natives have an excellent taste in arts, music and literature. They tend to be fickle minded. Since Mercury is placed in its enemy sign, this placement causes mental stress and problems for its natives. They tend to have a restless mind.

Moon is the guiding planet to Mercury in this placement. Therefore, the strength and dignity of Moon is important for bringing about positive results in this placement. Moon can cancel or neutralize the enmity with Mercury if Moon is placed is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th sign from Mercury in the natal birth chart.

Mercury in Cancer creates 11th disposition which indicates friends and communities while Cancer signifies domestic affairs. With an undignified Mercury forming this disposition in Cancer, it indicates that these natives will be hostile towards people from their own communities. A weakened Mercury as a planet of communication gives the natives a tendency to involve themselves in useless gossips within groups of people. They tend to be quarrelsome and prone to initiate useless disputes with others. This invariably damages their character and reputation resulting in the loss of support from others. However, the negative results are neutralized when Moon is strong and well placed.

Cancer is a water sign which signifies emotions. When there is an undignified Mercury in this sign, then it makes emotions of these natives very volatile. Since there is a conflict between emotions (Cancer) and logic (Mercury), there will be high emotional volatility. These highly volatile emotions can cause these natives to behave inappropriately and illogically. This placement can cause emotional distress or cognitive deficiency which is mainly due to weak Mercury which is the planet of intellect. As a result, these individuals tend to act or talk without thinking through rationally. These natives will find it difficult to find direction due to their highly volatile mind. Sometimes, there mind will be overwhelmed with various thoughts and ideas. Having a mind overflowing with emotions, thoughts and ideas can cause these natives to become distracted and inefficient in management. However, if Moon is in strong position, then these natives will have a powerful mind that helps them to concentrate on one task at a time and master it. This will also ensure significant gains. 

Mercury ruled over communication and when placed in its enemy sign it indicates using the energies of communication in the wrong manner. Their high emotional volatility makes them say bad words without thinking of future consequences. These natives tend to use very illogical arguments especially when they are involved in debates or verbal fights. Since their arguments are not backed by logic or rationality, they will lose debates, even the ones they initiate impulsively. This combination is difficult since it makes the natives completely ignorant of their own follies. They tend to think that what they do is completely fine. This is because they simply fail to analyse or reason their own decisions and actions.

Mercury in Cancer placement affects the matters of wealth and gains a lot since the position of Mercury in this sign creates 2nd and 11th dispositions. The second disposition indicates wealth accumulation, assets and financial stability while the 11th disposition is about the fulfilment of desires, gains and profits. However, if there is an afflicted Mercury in the natal birth chart, then these matters can be impacted greatly. Hence, it increases the greed for materialistic values. Greed can have a severe impact on the ability to gain wealth since it distracts from focussing on true and righteous principles.

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