Ketu in Scorpio or Ketu in Vrishchik Rashi

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OP Rathore

OP Rathore

Celebrity Astrologer having more than 15 years experience in Vedic Astrology. Accurate & to the point predictions are his forte. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars, which shares a friendly relationship with Ketu. Ketu is exalted in Scorpio. Scorpio is strongly related to mystery, depth and complexity and Ketu has similar characteristics as well. Since Ketu is a shadowy planet, its placement in Scorpio makes the natives excellent and brilliant in research work. These natives are extremely self-reliant who love to work independently. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars, which shares a friendly relationship with Ketu. The energies of Ketu resonate with Mars the most. Hence, this placement tends to give a mysterious nature to its natives. These individuals have complex and multi-layered personalities who have complex mindsets as well.

Ketu in Scorpio natives tend to be mentally sharp and courageous. They are also endowed with strong determination and hardworking nature which will help them in achieving their goals and aspirations. This placement also makes these natives talkative. These individuals tend to cheat others. They will have a rather harsh way of speech or expression. These natives can be good researchers as well. These individuals have the ability to study any subject deeply and intensively. These natives are bestowed with a good knowledge on occult subjects and sciences. This placement also endows these natives with good esoteric knowledge which further enhances their mysterious nature. These natives can perform brilliantly well in the medical field, especially surgery.   

The placement of Ketu in Scorpio tends to reduce the inner sensitivity of natives thus making them more aggressive and intimidating. These natives will be inclined towards materialistic life who have the potential to achieve high positions in life but with some variations in lifepath. Since these natives are mentally sharp, they are skilled in hiding their true self inside. They do not forgive since Ketu enhances their vindictive nature. These natives have the potential to become evil, malevolent and callous at times. Some of them may even involve themselves in witchcraft and black magic. They generally tend to be dissatisfied in life. Ketu in Scorpio placement tends to blunt the sensitivities of Mars, causing indifference towards tantric healing, profound therapeutic change, and the reality of trauma.

Ketu in Scorpio natives in their past lives were engaged in performing many underworld activities. These individuals had a lifestyle filled with absolute abuse of power and twisted sexual life. As a result of which these natives would have suffered many punishments before the present birth. In this lifetime, these individuals tend to have a feeling of authority and a democratic view of human needs.  These natives try their best to live pleasantly and easily. This placement of Ketu in this sign may cause detachment with their near and dear ones. These natives can be good critics or excellent philosophers. These natives tend to naturally develop a habit of exploring supernatural matters. They will also be inclined to conduct pilgrimages to shrines and holy places.

Ketu in Scorpio natives will have a strong desire to engage in the field of professional basis after devoting many years to this field. These native have an enormous potential to earn good amount of success, wealth and fame as an astrologer. These natives will be more interested towards a branch of astrology which deals with tantric types of remedies and other healing strategies. These natives are blessed with an excellent intuition, strong intellect and powerful thinking abilities. This helps them to make accurate predictions and suggest the correct remedial measures to those who seek their assistance.

Ketu in Scorpio placement indicates many delays or interruptions in the professions of these natives. These individuals tend to suffer from chronic weakness or affliction due to the excretory systems. These natives are gifted with amazing psychic abilities and powers. These natives show an inherent tendency towards illegal or scandalous activities which will sometimes result in the loss of inheritance and other problems. These natives tend to suffer from excessive indulge in pleasures and from dangerous enemies. These natives tend to perfectly mask their personal feelings so well that others would barely know about them. These natives tend to go to any lengths to achieve their goals. Hence, these individuals become very hardworking with an extremely self-reliant nature.

Ketu in Scorpio natives have extremely deep knowledge on various occult sciences which helps them to facilitate communication and interaction with invisible entities. This indicates that they can become excellent mediums between the material world and the immaterial one. Since they are endowed with exceptional foresight and clairvoyant abilities, they can predict the future rather accurately and precisely. These natives are endowed with in-depth knowledge of the ancient religious scriptures.  They have refined spiritual abilities which will also empower them to provide sound advice to others and material assistance to those who are in need. Hence, they will be inclined towards performing various charitable deeds in this life.

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