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Mr. Yashkaran Sharma is an ardent lover of Astrology & other occult sciences. He has made serious studies in the area of Vedic Astrology & Tantra, and probed deep down the intricacies of these esoteric subjects. He gathered secret and cryptic information and knowledge of Astrology given and revealed by some great astrologers, Yogis, saints and masters. He traveled far and wide in the pursuit of knowledge and accomplishments. He has been associated with these subjects & Shastras from the very outset of his youth and indulged in serious researches of remedial side of astrology after doing his post graduations in English Literature from Shimla. Tradition is blended remarkably with modernity & scientific outlook in his personality. He comes from respectable Brahmin family of Himachal Pradesh famous for its knowledge & integrity. He is senior astrologer & best astrology professor in India who teaches Astrology to research scholars & other serious students. His erudition earns him early admiration from his students as well as his seniors. He also Edited Future Samachar and Research Journal of Astrology for more than a decade. He has contributed many astrological articles in different periodicals. His journey of gaining astrological knowledge started with the thorough study of Lagnachandrika of Vaidyanath which is his favourite book of astrology even today because it was gifted to him by his father Mr. M.R. Sharma who was his first Astrology & Spiritual Guru.He took Gayatri Deeksha from Bramhchari Swayambhu Chaitanya, Durgasapatshati Deeksha from Pandit Leeladhar Shastri and Srividya Deeksha from Anant Srivibhushit Jyotishpeethadheeshwar & Dwarkashardapeethadheeshwar Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati ji Maharaj.
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