Ketu in Libra or Ketu in Tula Rashi

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Kirti Sethi

Kirti Sethi

Based out of Mumbai , he is Celebrity Astrologer having more than 20 years experience in Vedic Astrology & Reiki Healing techniques. Regularly visits Hidamba in Manali to enhance his reiki techniques. Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Libra is a sign that is represented by scales and balance. It is ruled by Venus, which shares a friendly relationship with Ketu. Both these planets are airy. When Ketu is placed in a sign ruled by Venus, it tends to enhance the management skills of its natives. These natives are endowed with a knowledge on how to maintain balance in everything. Additionally, Libra is a sign of balance. Ketu tends to give movement to these natives since Libra is also a movable or cardinal sign. Hence, these natives tend to have a strong desire for change and activity. They will be travelling a lot during their lives. These individuals like to wander and move from one place to another.

Ketu in Libra placement tends to increase the aggressive instincts in these natives. These natives are extremely hardworking and clever. These individuals are very talkative and good with the people. These natives know how to react in front of others. Hence, these natives will perform exceptionally well in the field of Media. They are known to be short-tempered with a stubborn and dominating nature. These natives are also very spiritually inclined. Sometimes, they turn out to be dishonest individuals. This placement also makes these natives extremely dependent upon family. These natives tend to suffer from minor health problems related to skin.

Libra mainly represents the relationship aspect of life while Ketu indicates isolation or separation. Hence, it indicates that these natives often will not find true happiness in relationships. However, since Venus is exalted in this placement, these natives tend to maintain good relations with every member in their family.

Since Ketu is related to arrogance and short temperedness, they can get angry and offended very easily. This may make them act in an arrogant and egoistic manner which will be irritating to others around them. This placement tends to make these individuals very judgemental. Hence, these natives will be very frank in their opinions and can start judging others. Those who are sensitive will get hurt by the words of these natives. These individuals are naturally outgoing and friendly in nature. They are socially active who make great public speakers. These natives tend to have a controlling nature which makes them impatient and unwillingness to listen to others. These individuals are fond of involving themselves in adventurous sports.

Ketu in Libra natives tend to suffer from numerous health issues due to the movement of Ketu. These individuals commonly suffer from health issues related to blood pressure and muscles. They tend to suffer from kidney related issues. Sleep disorders are very also common issue experienced by these natives since they are overthinkers which in turn causes stress and anxiety.

Ketu in Libra placement also indicates lawsuits, disputes in the home and danger of separation. Hence, this position is not favourable for the spiritual growth of these natives since it makes them very practical. If Ketu is well aspected in Libra, it indicates that there will be material abundance and increase of possessions. However, these natives will not be happy despite having many materialistic possessions. This placement creates problem in decision-making. This is mainly due to the tendency of these natives to overthink and overdevelop logic to the point that it completely stops the feeling and acting functions.

Ketu in Libra placement result in acquisition of lands and auspicious ceremonies in the family. These natives tend to take some time in taking decisions of their own. These individuals do not like staying alone and hence, they tend to depend of others for their advice and help. They prefer to spend a lot of time and money on clothing, cosmetics and other luxurious items. These natives are extremely generous and humanitarian in nature, however, their inherent ability to remain passive prevents them contributing in a substantial manner.

Ketu in Libra natives in their past lives were fortunate and surrounded by luxuries and comforts. These natives were occupied with spiritual learning and great things in life. In this lifetime, they have a challenge to lead a balanced and self-reliant life while not losing their distinct individuality. There will be auspicious ceremonies in the house, acquisition of land, perfect domestic harmony and marital bliss.

Since both Ketu and Venus provide airy nature to these natives, they tend to fantasize a lot and they will fail to stand firm on their feet which often leads to loss of many successful opportunities. These natives have the potential to receive healing powers and recover through profound and tantric force. These natives have well developed diplomatic and communication skills due to which they are able to deal with large groups of people successfully. These individuals tend to be extremely focused in their career and they will be serious about their work which makes them very resourceful, dedicated and efficient.

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