Jupiter in Cancer or Jupiter in Kark Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Cancer is a cardinal water sign which is ruled by Moon. Jupiter shares a friendly relationship with Moon. Jupiter is in exalted position in Cancer. This is a balanced position since the higher wisdom granted by Jupiter steadies the flow of emotions and mind (indicated by Moon). Jupiter in Cancer natives tend to be very good-looking. These individuals do have brilliant intellectual capabilities which makes them highly learned and scholarly too. Due to their analytical ability, these natives have the potential to become great mathematicians. Since Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and Cancer is a watery planet, this placement leads to a healthy body since it supports water retention.

Jupiter in Cancer natives are good-natured, generous, charitable, righteous, truthful and loyal. These natives tend to have a good understanding of the moral principles and abide by them. They tend to get emotionally attached to their friends which makes them delightful friends. They can sometimes involve themselves in gossip. This placement bestows its natives with an abundance of wealth. They have good financial management skills due to which they are able to accumulate plenty of wealth and money.

Jupiter in Cancer produces a 5th disposition which indicates that these natives will be blessed with luck which as a result of good deeds performed in the past lives. Hence, these natives tend to very intelligent, smart and blessed who have great potential to become prosperous and famous in their field of activity. This placement also creates an 8th disposition which signifies deep transformation. Hence, these natives tend to experience a lot of transformative events in their lives which enables their soul to evolve and attain spiritual enlightenment. Hence, these natives can often perceive the hidden and unknown things which others cannot sense easily.

Ancient Vedic classics state that these natives with exalted Jupiter in Cancer will be very wise scholars. These individuals tend to be compassionate, well-behaved, well-learned and wise. Since Jupiter represents higher wisdom, these individuals will be naturally endowed with these traits. They will be blessed with progeny as per Vedic astrology since Jupiter is the primary planet for children. They will be blessed with good, fortunate and wise children. These natives tend to be kind-hearted who will be naturally inclined towards performing charitable and pious deeds.  A strong Jupiter enables these natives to be compassionate, empathic and caring. Since Jupiter is a planet of hidden truth and wisdom, these natives tend to be religious, honest, truthful and righteous in their speech as well as deeds.

Ancient Vedic scriptures also state that these natives will also be physically strong in addition to being kind and spiritual. This is considered to be one of the best combinations to have since it endows these natives with physical strength as well as a kind nature. These natives will be blessed with riches and gains since a strong Jupiter is an indicator of wealth. These natives will experience a strengthened financial condition. Since these natives are motivated by righteous deeds and kind-heartedness, they will enjoy prosperity and success in their undertakings.

Jupiter in Cancer natives tend to be highly spiritual due to the exaltation of Jupiter in this sign. The fortune of these natives will be supported by their divine wisdom and righteousness. They also tend to follow a truthful, ethical and righteous path for a greater purpose which grants them support from the divine. Hence, these natives will experience miracles in both the material and the spiritual realm. The planet of wealth, Jupiter also blesses its natives with abundance without much effort and hard work. Hence, there are indications of sudden gains and blessings since Jupiter is in exalted position from its own sign Sagittarius.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac which represents conveyances such as land, properties and vehicles. If Jupiter is strong and well placed, these natives will be able to enjoy these blessings in abundance. They love beautiful houses and vehicles which will be granted to them by the exalted Jupiter. Cancer is also known to be the most caring and nurturing sign in the entire zodiac. Hence, the placement of a strong Jupiter will make these natives extremely compassionate and sincere. Based on the strength of Moon, these natives have a deep desire to nurture as many people as they can in this world. The love, support and care they offer to others is very unconditional – without expecting absolutely anything in return. They are often more than willing to share their abundances with less privileged members of the society. These natives have a huge potential to become famous and recognized. They love to perform pious acts which help them to gain a lot of positive reputation from the society. These natives are inherently blessed with spirituality, divine wisdom, and the understanding of how life and the universe work.

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