Sun in Aries or Sun in Mesh Rashi

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Karan Manchanda

Karan Manchanda

Celebrity Astrologer having around 12 years experience in Vedic Astrology, Ner & Color Therapy. Regular contributor in media channels .Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Sun, a masculine planet is exalted when placed in Aries, which is ruled by Mars, planet of aggression.  Mars becomes the guiding planet to the Sun in this sign. There is a cordial relationship which these two planets share with each other which brings positive results to the native as the principles of Vedic Astrology. Sun in Aries people are leaders. These natives are blessed with great wisdom. They are highly action oriented. They are generous by nature. They can pioneer a cause, create an initiative and influence large groups of people. Though they are good in staring things, they are not so good in seeing projects through to a conclusion. They learn things quickly while remaining enthusiastic and curious. Since Sun in Aries natives tend to be impulsive, their biggest challenge is to control these impulses. Natural impulsiveness and inability to listen to others’ advice will land these natives in unfavourable circumstances. They are endowed with a strong sense of duty and honesty in all areas of their lives. They are also courageous and passionate individuals who would never back down from taking a challenge.

Sun being the ruler of the fifth sign Leo in Vedic Astrology signifies intelligence and creativity. Hence, the exalted Sun in Aries bestows its natives an abundant amount of intelligence. According to the ancient scriptures, these natives are skilful and proficient in interpreting ancient Sastras, and in speech and deeds. These natives are broadminded in their disposition and they are also fond of changing places. Their intelligence and sharp mindedness are exemplary as evidenced by their successful establishments of creative projects for the benefit of the whole society. They are hardworking by nature. They always desire to win.

According to the ancient scriptures, people with exalted Sun in Aries are extremely valorous, fierce, strong, resistant and dutiful. Physically, their stature is strong and so is their inner nature. They have strong bones and good body constitution. They possess the qualities of a warrior. With the help of their inner strength and courage, they can achieve their goals efficiently. Leadership skills are enhanced in this placement since the energies of Sun and Mars are connected in a positive way. Hence, they will excel in careers such as Police, military, leadership and Government sector. They can also be doctors of repute and great social standing.  They have the potential to get recognized in the field of art, music and literature. Sun denotes fame and power in Vedic Astrology. Aries is the representative of the first house is connected to self, soul, honour and dignity. When the energies of the Sun get exalted in Aries, it naturally increases the fame of the natives. Due to their brilliance, they are appreciated, honoured and supported by the members of society.

These individuals have an unshakable faith in the Higher Power and have tremendous amounts of self-belief. This placement also brings a high amount of Self-respect to the natives since Sun represents ego and self-awareness while Aries is the first Zodiac sign representing self-respect. Hence, this ensures that they will not let anyone to degrade them. There are possibilities of serious consequences when someone tries to damage their reputation. Since it’s a favourable position of Sun in a friendly sign where it is exalted, it indicates that the natives will have strong ego which is articulated in a positive light.  Hence, they love to hog the limelight when it comes to promoting great social causes which benefits everyone. They are attracted to the opposite sex in excess.

Besides all these positive attributes, Sun in Aries natives are a little aggressive and short tempered which makes them too blunt and straightforward. With concentration and attention, these natives can acquire diplomacy and tact. They can be dominating and egoistic as well. When faced with complex details, these natives become frustrated. These natives often learn a lot through experience. They have an inherent tendency to take unnecessary risks. If they learn to consider all the crucial details before deciding, then they can avoid untoward situations in their lives.

Sun is associated with vitality and health. Hence, individuals with exalted sun are blessed with a great amount of vitality within themselves. This inner energy boosts their health, immunity and endows them with good body constitution. Hence, it’s imperative that they involve themselves in physical exercises or sports in order to replenish their huge reservoirs of energy. Sun in Aries individuals are prone to blood related disorders. Sun in Aries in the ninth house from its own sign Leo. Ninth house indicates that fruits from past life like good merits and pure luck. In most areas of their lives, luck and fortune support them which enhances their chances to succeed. Exalted Sun in Aries also means that these natives will have immense amount of fortune.

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