Saraswati Yantra


      • Purpose:
        To help students and teachers by bestowing them with intelligence, concentration and will power along with patience and focus. Its also helpful for kids who are illectual and to also increase one’s own intellignce
      •  Guarantee:
        100% Genuine and Authentic
      • Godly Symbol::
        Lord Saraswati
      • Placement:
        In the office or home altar facing North or East
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Yantras and Mahayantras are the sole of the vaastu and related studies. They are designed with special attention to the vaastu and these designs are effective in giving positive results to the one who uses them. During ancient ages these were specifically used in the temples, in front of deities or even at the entrances of the houses to keep the evil spirits at a distance. Apart from the physical devices there are trends in different cultures where these designs are drawn in the form of Rangolis and are again helpful in protecting from the evil spirits or the negative energies.

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