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Ashish Sharma is a famous Vedic Astrologer from Rajasthan and has more than 30 years of experience in the Indian Vedic Astrology. He has had the opportunity to learn from great Vedic astrologers. He has a passion for astrology and has read all major important ancient astrological literature and old religious scriptures like Vedas and Upanishads. He likes to stay updated on astrological literature and have been doing astrological readings for the last 30 years. He personally feel that the best of Jyotish Vidya is to acknowledge the role of the choices (with awareness or with ignorance ) made by the self to be in a position that we are in the present moment and to make future decisions with love, compassion, and forgiveness. To seek superficial remedies to get out of the mess that one is in is to remain in ignorance forever beside it never really helps. He personally believe the real effect of any planet – exalted, strong or in debilitation is felt during its Mahadasa. The effect of a particular planet is pronounced during its mahadasa (major period) and annterdasa bhukti (sub periods). His assessment of a chart is based on Gochar (i.e. transit and mahadasa) of the planet , nakshtra , nakshtra pada and how the planets are originally placed in the natal chart. He extensively use dasamsa (d-10) and navamsa (d-9) in predicting marriage, partnerships, career, profession, public image or perception about the person which is critical to determine fame of the person and career success and general tendencies.

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