Venus in Sagittarius or Venus in Dhanu Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Venus shares an inimical relationship with Jupiter; however, this enmity does not affect the placement negatively since both Venus and Jupiter and benefic planets. Hence, Venus in Sagittarius natives tend to enjoy a good financial status throughout their life. It makes these natives helpful and dutiful. These natives love to help others and feel comfortable around their friends and partners. They are very lucky individuals who are also likely to be blessed with a fortunate and wealthy life partner too.

Venus in Sagittarius natives tend to have a strong desire to make their families proud. Venus gives them a liking for decoration. These natives tend to enjoy good health and attractive personality due to the influence of Venus which is the planet of beauty. They are very honest and open-minded. They express whatever they have in mind and are not known to be diplomatic and tactful. A strong Venus gives them a polite manner and a diplomatic way of handling people as well as situations. These natives will have a natural inclination towards religious books and places. They will love their space and any harm or threat to their independence will make agitated and angry.

Venus in Sagittarius natives tend to have flexibility and independence in their married life due to the mutable modality of Sagittarius. They actively seek a life partner who shares the same interests and desires to travel. These natives cannot tolerate possessiveness and limitations since they place a high value on freedom in their lives. If Jupiter is strong and dignified in this placement, then it blesses it natives with partners who can inspire them and bring positivity into daily lives. With a strong Jupiter in their charts, these natives can have total freedom in their relationships without any limitations. If there is a presence of undignified Jupiter, then it creates troubles in marriage due to limitations and restrictions. This often leads to situations in which these natives will desire to escape from the bondage of marriage to experience freedom. This can also make them distant and detached from their partners which will make them seek some risks and adventures with new people.

Venus in Sagittarius indicates the desire to find the beauty and love matters as per the principles of sidereal Vedic astrology. These natives will have high expectations in their married lives. Hence, they desire a life partner with whom they can share a deep spiritual connection. If Jupiter is dignified and strong, then these natives will be blessed with a partner who can be their spiritual guide as well. The spiritual connection between two people also ensures freedom in relationships since there will be mutual understanding which will make it enduring and long-lasting. The positioning of Venus in a sign ruled by the planet of fortune, Jupiter indicates a highly devoted partner and blissful married life as per the principles of Vedic astrology.

Venus in Sagittarius placement indicates fondness for higher wisdom and enlightenment. Venus and Jupiter are considered as spiritual teachers as per Vedic astrology. Venus is materialistic and luxury loving while Jupiter relates to the matter of faith and philosophy. They tend to search for a higher and deeper meaning of everything that is happening in their daily lives. Venus in Sagittarius forms an 8th disposition which indicates enlightenment and transformation. When this combination is supported by a strong Jupiter, then these natives can have tremendous spiritual growth and awakening. However, if Jupiter is undignified, then it indicates considerably less interest in spiritual matters. Hence, there will be an increased attachment towards materialistic values like social status, wealth and power.

Venus in Sagittarius natives tend to be very intelligent. They are also blessed with a strong intuition and hidden senses. This can be attributed to Jupiter which is the planet of higher wisdom. When Jupiter is strong, then these natives will be bestowed with great mental powers to acquire higher wisdom. They will also be able to apply these learnings through communication or publications. The 8th disposition also enhances their spiritual wisdom to a great degree. Their innate strong hidden senses will enable them to feel spiritual energies of Jupiter thereby becoming intellectual in the process.

Venus in Sagittarius natives tend to be truth-seeking which enables them to search for idealistic values and enlightenment. If there is a dignified Jupiter, then it can make these natives noble, honourable and truthful. These natives are very righteous and love to perform charitable needs for their society. The 3rd disposition also endows these natives with the ability to perform great deeds. Since they have an inherent love for truth, they can be particularly intolerant towards lies and illusions for selfish pursuits. These individuals will be well respected by the members of their community for their selflessness, righteousness and an endearing love for social justice.

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