Moon in Virgo or Moon in Kanya Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Virgo is known to be an analytical zodiac sign, ruled by Mercury, which also stands for intellect and is a neutral earthy planet. The relationship between Mercury and Moon is neutral as well. When Moon is positioned in Virgo, the natives born under this placement will usually have an attractive face and body. These individuals have a way with words, is an eloquent speaker as well. Others can sense truthfulness, honesty and purity in the persona of these natives. These native often involve themselves in religious pursuits and tend to be kind humanitarians who are naturally compassionate to others. Their feelings and emotional nature are very complex. 

Virgo Moon natives tend to get hurt very easily which indicates a sensitive nature. These individuals are more driven by their intellect and logic than emotions and instincts. Hence, their words and actions are almost always backed by logic and common sense. They are practical and realistic in their outlook. They love to help and take care of needy yet underprivileged people. These natives have a philosophical bent of mind and they are blessed with a good ability to learn. Professions like teaching, astrology, engineering and business suits them the most.

Virgo Moon natives wish to live simple lives with no complications. They tend to look for happiness in the smallest of things and intensely care for the ones they love. These natives are sensitive and sentimental but find it difficult to express their emotions. They also care a lot about their personal hygiene and tend to keep their surroundings tidy and clean. They tend to take a lot of stress on themselves. As a result, they become anxious and nervous. These natives can come across as a bit harsh and critical with the way they talk. While being critical, these individuals are trying to help others in becoming perfect. Since they are their own worse critics, they tend to lower their own self-confidence.

Virgo Moon natives are very reserved about their feelings and they tend to have a sarcastic sense of humour. They are very ambitious and tend to stick to their life goals. In love and romance, they become very affectionate. These natives love to analyse, even the most complex emotions. They may appear to others as cold and unemotional when they are trying to reason everything by logic. These individuals are quite selective about everything, their career choices, their friends and their life partner as well. Virgo Moon natives do not like to hog the limelight but prefer working in the background. These individuals like to micromanage a lot. They do hate public displays of affection and they tend to be happy with their comfort zone.

Virgo moon natives are highly appreciative of structure, organization and detail. Hence, they tend to be happy and contented with well-established systems and perfect organization in their personal and professional life. They have an innate need for organization and order in their lives. They feel the happiest when they help others in constructive and supportive ways. These natives offer ideas and strategies to work based on their practical knowledge and analytical skills. These natives tend to have an innate need to improve or refine the circumstances around them.

Since Virgo is an earth sign, these natives are grounded and stable. They are also flexible, and this can be attributed to the mutable nature of this earth sign. Moon in Virgo natives tend to follow a slow and steady approach to achieve their life goals. They are blessed with strong intellect, curious mind, and great intuition power. These natives are service-oriented and are naturally helpful to others. These natives tend to thoroughly analyse a situation before proceeding further.

Virgo Moon natives are reliable, practical and task -oriented and they revel in methodical and analytical tasks. Their practical nature combined with an eye for detail and helpful nature makes them very valuable in work environment and family surroundings too. These natives love to make things easier for the people who are close to them. Since these natives are perfectionists, they will get hurt easily if others don’t appreciate their sincere efforts. They tend to become neurotic at times due to their obsession for cleanliness and perfection. These natives tend to become slaves of routine in their pursuit to lead a simple life.

Virgo Moon natives have amazing analytical skills. These skills enable them to produce outstanding results in the field of astronomy, geography, geology, astrology, mathematics, physics and computer science. They can solve the most complex problems easily. Their powers of observation and concentration are unparalleled thus making them experts in their respective vocations. If they take up teaching, they will be well respected by their peers and students for their depth of knowledge and perfection. All in all, these natives tend to always strive for perfection.

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