Mercury in Gemini or Mercury in Mithun Rashi

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Kirti Sethi

Kirti Sethi

Based out of Mumbai , he is Celebrity Astrologer having more than 20 years experience in Vedic Astrology & Reiki Healing techniques. Regularly visits Hidamba in Manali to enhance his reiki techniques. Speaks English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

This is a comfortable position for Mercury since it is the lord of Gemini, a mutable air sign. Hence, this placement is considered auspicious and beneficial as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. Mercury in Gemini natives tend to have a sophisticated appearance with a polite and well-mannered behaviour. These natives tend to be soft-spoken in nature. They have excellent communication, comprehension and articulation skills. They tend to have excellent command over mathematics, accounts and languages. These natives earn a lot of respect and recognition in society and live a wealthy lifestyle.

Mercury in Gemini natives are bestowed with an amazing ability to argument and win in grand style. They are always up for a good debate. They lead an independent lifestyle with plenty of personal space. They are very logical, realistic and practical in their ways.  Their minds are always brimming with creative ideas. By using their great intellectual prowess, they love to get solutions to any problem. These natives will be brilliant in the field of astrology, journalism, teaching, music, writing and acting. They have a wide range of interests.

According to the ancient scriptures, these natives will be experts in Sastra, arts, music, dancing, painting, poetry etc. They will be naturally inclined towards pleasure. They will be excellent speakers. Since Mercury is placed in its own house and sign, these natives will be intelligent, and they will be very fast in thinking. This placement also indicates that its natives will have good physical and mental strength. They will be excellent in sports both indoor and outdoor. They will be hardworking as well. They will have a brilliant logical and analytical mindset which help them to solve any complex problems with utmost ease. These natives will be argumentative in their communication, but their way of argument will be pleasant. Gemini indicates local networks, information transfer, and publishing. Hence, this placement makes these natives highly skilled in activities that involve interaction with local groups of people, publishing of quality content, and sharing new information. These natives will also be excellent orators and politicians to their fluent speaking skills.

Mercury in Gemini natives are extremely talented, intellectual and skilled in multiple sciences. Since Mercury rules intellect, it gives the capacity to learn and understand various sciences. They are considered the most versatile as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. A strong and dignified Mercury gives these natives the ability to adapt to changing environments quickly and efficiently. They can learn new topics quickly and effectively. They can learn different languages and cultures with ease.

Mercury in Gemini creates a 1st disposition which indicates the power to initiate and courage, and this enables the natives to be independent and make the right and effective decisions. They are independent thinkers. Mercury in Gemini casts a direct aspect upon the 9th sign Sagittarius, which signifies liberty and freedom. Hence, these natives tend to be liberal in their mental outlook. The first disposition represents honour and dignity. Hence, these natives who have dignified Mercury in Gemini tend to be extremely notable, honoured, and respected. They never shy away from spotlight and love to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Additionally, Mercury in Gemini is placed in 10th from its other own sign Virgo. It is said that the 10th house is the strongest Kendra Bhava or quadrant house which is a major supporting pillar in life that indicates highest achievements, social status, good deeds and rank.

Since Gemini Mercury natives are courageous, persistent and determined, they will never ever give up on their goals even under trying and difficult circumstances. With their adaptive mindset, they can find solutions to the problems that plague them. Obstacles and hardships never bother them since they are very determined. Their ambitious nature enables them to never give up until they attain their goals. Since Mercury is a planet of merchants, merchandise and trading, this planet gives its natives the ability to generate wealth and use available resources productively. They also tend to become excellent salesmen or competent businessmen.

Mercury in Gemini natives are very lively, enthusiastic and possess high self-esteem. Once Mercury is dignified, pride or self-esteem is enhanced and has a positive influence on this placement. Since these natives are bestowed with a strong self-esteem, they will be able to achieve their goals and dreams. They will be proud of their achievements and proud of who they are. Natives with this combination do not use their pride to make them superior to others. They will not brag about their achievements as well. They will remain gracious and humble even when they take responsibility and credit for their efforts. These natives are very accountable and will take full responsibilities for their own acts. Mercury in Gemini natives place high value on their self-esteem; hence, they will seldom resort to unethical and immoral acts.

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