Moon in Sagittarius or Moon in Dhanu Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

A very experienced Astrologer having expertise in Vedic Astrology , KP Astrology & Vastu. A Very talented multi-linguistic personality. Speaks Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English & Hindi. Click Here to Book a Phone Consultation.

Sagittarius is a sociable sign ruled by Jupiter that bestows the natives with good fortune. Jupiter, which is a masculine planet, shares a friendly relationship with feminine Moon. This is considered a positive placement for Moon since it makes the natives determined and balanced. These natives tend to be spiritually inclined, intellectual and well-informed. They love to share their knowledge with others and in doing so, they spread awareness. These natives have a strong sense of justice too. They are freedom lovers. These individuals will do exceptionally well in fields like banking and teaching

Moon in Sagittarius natives are generally extroverted by nature. They are also comfortable with their inner self. These natives are blessed with strong decision-making ability and have an optimistic outlook towards life. Being a fire sign, these natives are very idealistic as well. Moon in Sagittarius enables its natives to make friends from different strata of society without any discrimination. They are very honest, tolerant, friendly, candid, and strongly believe in the idea of equality and justice. They make excellent preachers as well. They have acute sense of observation. They can be firm and resolute; however, they sometimes fail to learn from their past mistakes.

Moon in Sagittarius natives want to experience everything at least once on lifetime, because life is too short and there is so much to see and learn. They are wise souls who can talk about anything and everything under the Sun. These natives love their space and to experiment. Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, they tend to crib and sulk a lot when they get upset and rejected. They are inspiring, knowledge-hungry and great story tellers. These natives are known to be simple and straightforward. They tend to be irresponsible when they usually forget important appointments. Despite all this, they get along well with everyone and get out of tough situations easily.

Moon in Sagittarius natives are not romantic individuals, but they are very vocal and expressive about the feelings for their loved ones. They generally prefer partners who can accompany in their adventures and experiences. Since Sagittarius is a mutable sign, these natives change their mind quickly and take almost everything light-heartedly. However, they value their freedom and goals in life. When they fall in love, they do not care much about the other person’s background, financial standing, social status etc. They tend to look for partners who can accept them for what they really are and with whom they can be free and experience great feelings.

Moon in Sagittarius natives are usually very positive people. Since they love their freedom, they love outdoor activities. These natives are very physically strong and active and love to indulge in activities such as sports and adventure. These individuals are natural athletes. They love to travel to new places, meet new people and learn about new cultures. They crave power and status. Sometimes, they can be impulsive and tend to leap before they look. They are philosophical in their thought process.

Moon in Sagittarius natives are cheerful since they remain positive even under the most difficult circumstances. They love to face their challenges without any fear. There is a constant need for motivation for these natives as they tend to be easily distracted and put off by solitude and confinement. They have a natural affinity towards arts and design. They are also very brilliant in areas where communication is required such as marketing, sales and education. Their naturally inquisitive nature makes them strive for lifelong learning through travel, adventure and people.

Moon in Sagittarius natives tend to miss the big picture since they hold on to optimistic thoughts always. They are also very impulsive and other people can exploit them easily. There is an innate tendency to impress other people, hence, they can resort to boasting and bragging. Since these natives tend to believe in miracles, they will find it hard to accept failures. They will have to learn the art of accepting failures gracefully. There are many avenues and outlets through which they can express their inherent creative energies.

Sagittarius Moon natives have an uncanny ability to stay single-mindedly on a life goal. This makes them focuses and ambitious. Their way of thinking is then directed on how they can achieve this goal in the quickest manner. These natives will try to fight any difficult circumstances to attain their goals. This quality makes them perseverant and hard-working. In the field of sports and athletics, they make excellent coaches and managers due to their expertise and motivational skills. They often can be a source of inspiration to their subordinates. These natives are blessed with good imagination and intuition which helps them to understand the finer things in life. These traits also enable them to become great writers, artists, singers, musicians and poets.

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