Mars in Gemini or Mars in Mithun Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, which is an earthy neutral planet. Mercury shares an inimical relationship with Mars. Hence, this placement has plenty of contradictions working together. It is a meeting of Mercury’s intellect and Mars’s energy thus creating individuals who are very logical and intelligent and also skilled at many arts. These individuals are mentally active and involved. Mercury provides these natives proficiency in writing poetry and prose. These natives are highly intelligent with fast learning capabilities. They have an inherent desire to travel to distant lands. 

Mars in Gemini natives tend to have a good sense of judgement. However, due to the mutable nature of Gemini, these natives tend to involve themselves in superficial romantic relationships. They often seek newness and variety in love and romance which creates an impression of being restless. These individuals have the potential to become excellent sportsmen, especially in games like cricket. Due to the influence of Mercury, they have a lot of nervous energy which makes them stressed and mentally drained most of the time. They tend to keep their mind always occupied which in turn leads to an agitated and distressed mindset. It is advised for these natives to practise Yoga and meditation to calm their minds.

Mars in Gemini produces an 8th disposition which adds a lot of unexpected energies to this placement. Since Mars is undignified and weakened in Gemini, these natives tend to become helpless and less confident due to experiencing sudden and unexpected difficulties. They end up playing victims and can also manipulate others for their selfish purposes. However, if Mercury is dignified and well placed, it can prevent these natives from becoming unrighteous and immoral. This can also make the natives utilize their wisdom in good pursuits with dignity since Mercury is the planet of intellect. Hence, these natives will become fearless by going through darkness and experiences. It also indicates a positive transformation of mind which enables these natives to stop victim playing tactics and become courageous and responsible in life.

Mars in Gemini natives tend to be selfish and negatively opportunistic in their approach towards others. Hence, they invariably become uncharitable in nature. These natives tend to be cunning who would like to make use of every opportunity that comes their way. Since Mars in Gemini is in 8th sign or house from its own sign Scorpio, it causes issues like greed, jealousy, and sudden losses when the energies are negatively manifested. If Mercury is well-placed, it indicates a moral application of intelligence which motivates these individuals to practise righteousness and practice charitable deeds.

Mars in Gemini natives are efficient and proactive communicators according to the principles of Vedic astrology. They are blessed with a sharp and critical mentality. They can also process information quickly and respond appropriately to others. They will be skilled in activities that requires communicating. They can be excellent in the field of poetry, publishing, media, marketing, sales or any other related activity. Aided by the support of logical and fast Mercury, these natives often come up with strong arguments which can leave their opponents speechless. They are direct as well as competitive in their communication and this aspect is provided by Mars. They will also perform extremely well in the fields of journalism, publishing, media or any activity that requires communication or quick information transfer. However, an undignified Mars in Gemini can make these natives form illogical or unproven arguments and it can also cause these natives to use their gift of communication in a negative manner.

Mars in Gemini individuals tend to be skilled and tactful in various activities as per Vedic astrology. They are also very strategic in dealing with situations in their lives. This trait is provided by the influence of both the planets, Mercury and Mars. These individuals are skilled and proficient in various fields. The 8th disposition formed by this combination represents hidden wisdom, deep research and intuition. If the energies of this disposition are manifested positively, then it blesses its natives with the ability to delve deep into the facts of every topic and science. Hence, they will be able to master the chosen field of activity by becoming proficient. These natives are extremely multifunctional and can handle many tasks and finish them efficiently. Since they tend to spend a lot of mental energy in these tasks, they will be mentally drained and fatigued.

The actions of the people with Mars in Gemini are strongly supported by intelligence. These natives will always analyse and think before they act. This can be attributed to the positioning of Mars in its enemy sign which makes it loses its strength of usual significations (quick action). However, these individuals are very courageous and valorous due to the influence of the 3rd sign Gemini which also indicates courage.

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