Mars in Aries or Mars in Mesh Rashi

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Rahul Panicker

Rahul Panicker

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Mars is a fiery masculine planet is placed in its own sign Aries in this placement. Hence, this is considered to be positive for Mars. Mars in Aries natives tend to be quite strong, sturdy, aggressive, dominant, driven and energetic as well. These individuals love to involve themselves in physically strenuous activities. Hence, they will do well in armed forces, police, firefighting and other challenging areas. They tend to be original in their thoughts and behaviour. They love to work independently and love to create new ideas and start new projects.

Mars in Aries natives tend to view their life as a series of adventures. These individuals love to participate in adventurous activities. These natives tend to be very intelligent and decisive. They tend to swift in their actions, speech and thoughts. Since they have a natural propensity to do things fast, they will indulge in rash and risky driving at times. These natives are very argumentative as well. They will perform exceedingly well in debate competitions but often they end up hurting people with their harsh tone and aggressive instincts. These natives love travelling to new places since they don’t like being tied up at one place for a long period of time. They tend to be short-tempered and egoistic. In spite of these shortcomings, these natives are very honest, direct and straightforward in their dealings. These natives are also known to be impulsive, impatient, spontaneous, reckless, innovative and enthusiastic.

Mars is the natural ruler of the zodiac sign, Aries which indicates mental capabilities. Since Mars is dignified and strengthened in its own sign, it blesses its natives with strong mental abilities which greatly enhances cognitive abilities. Hence, these natives are innately very clever and intelligent. These individuals will be proficient and resourceful in various fields since they will have knowledge and understanding of various sciences and wisdom. They have a strong urge to manifest their ideas into reality by making full use of their mental powers. Mars in Aries produces a 6th disposition which gives these natives the ability to be clever and make use of every opportunity that comes their way. Hence, they treat every situation in their life as opportunities to learn and develop mental strength. These natives tend to have an insatiable thirst for acquiring new knowledge and experiences. Hence, they tend to work on activities that will stimulate and enhance their normal growth.

Mars in Aries have the ability to master their field of activity and still have a desire to excel in more fields. Since Mars is a naturally independent planet, it enables these natives to make their own choices rather that what others imposes them to do. Since Mars is already exalted in this sign, these natives will have an increased desire to be independent. They will have the freedom to express their ideas and thoughts and also apply them resourcefully. Since these natives are naturally enterprising and independent, they will feel dull and frustrated when they are restricted. Hence, these natives tend to break away from traditional paths and set off to create projects or ventures to manifest their original ideas into reality.

Aries is the 1st Zodiac sign which denotes new beginnings and initiation power as per the principles of Vedic astrology. Hence, Mars in Aries natives tend to be naturally driven towards initiating new ideas and innovative projects. They often thrive in challenging work environment where they will be able to execute their ideas and decisions independently. In the field of entrepreneurship, these individuals will be motivated to apply their unique ideas into action.  In the fields of sports, politics, armed forces and medicine, these natives can initiate novel and innovative ideas. These individuals tend to be the pioneers in their field of activity due to their inherent zeal for beginning new things and conjuring up new yet creative ideas.

Ancient Vedic astrology scriptures state that these natives can achieve high leadership positions in their society. They will climb up the hierarchy since these natives are naturally endowed with brilliant managerial and leadership abilities. These natives are known to be extremely strong, immensely courageous and endurable heroic who have the potential to perform great, humanitarian and noble deeds for society. These individuals can guide the masses towards the betterment of community or society or country either by wisdom or force.

Mars in Aries natives tend to be resourceful, analytical and decisive in their mental make-up. In addition to these mental attributes, they are also physically strong. Since Mars is strong in Aries, these natives will be blessed with a strong physique and vitality which helps them to handle and resist stress. Mars is also dignified in this position which ensures that these natives will be righteous in their thoughts and ideas. These natives are naturally motivated to perform physical exercises in order to maintain physical strength as well as mental toughness.

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