Mars in Leo or Mars in Simha Rashi

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Deepika Jain

Deepika Jain

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Leo is ruled by Sun which shares a friendly relationship with Mars. Both Sun and Mars are fiery masculine planets. Hence, this is considered a positive placement since these natives are well endowed with the abilities from Mars and the confidence to express them fully and outstandingly from the Sun. Mars in Leo natives tend to be very helpful and generous in nature. They are also very clever and intelligent people who know how to use their abilities wisely. These natives have a lot of mental tricks up their sleeves and can impress the people around them with these. This placement also gives these natives a special fondness for travel, and love for hill stations and forests. These natives can also show much interest in poetry and fine arts. Strong Mars also enables them to learn with amazing powers of concentration.

Mars in Leo natives are blessed with boundless physical energy along with brilliant creative abilities. They are very self-confident and have a strong willpower. They have natural leadership qualities. These natives tend to be demonstrative in love and romance while being tender and affectionate as well. They are exuberant and enthusiastic individuals who love to keep the atmosphere of their surroundings light, calm and jovial. These natives are proud of their sexual prowess and often boast about it. Sometimes, excessive passion and pride can lead to their downfall and bring them troubles.

Mars in Leo natives tend to be active and adventurous by nature. They love to explore and gain new experiences. Hence, they rush headlong into any new journey, pursuit, venture of task. Since Mars is dignified in this combination, this ensures that they will have fruitful adventures and explorations. A dignified and strong Mars ensures that their actions are guided by honesty, truth and dignity. A strong Sun which is the ruling planet of Leo extends these auspicious benefits to this combination. Since Sun is the planet of mentality increases their mental resistance and powers which allows them to acquire more information easily. These natives tend to be unbiased or open-minded which makes them tolerant of new ideas while being supportive of old traditions.

Mars is the planet of courage which synchronizes well with Leo. Hence, these natives have enhanced valour in their character. With increased courage, these individuals love taking risks. They love to take on challenges which also helps them to clear hindrances and obstacles. Mars in Leo creates a 10th disposition which signifies actions. This also enhances the action-taking ability in these natives. These natives tend to be extremely action-oriented and fearless at the same time. They have a superb ability to live in the here and the now. They have the courage to admit their mistakes and let go of them while not being worried about their future. A dignified Sun makes them valorous since Sun endows them with immense self-confidence which empowers their actions. This dignified Sun also makes these natives honest, truthful, ethical and righteous. A strong Sun enables Mars to act while being honest and truthful at the same time. However, if Sun is undignified, then it indicates that these natives will be reckless and extreme risk-takers. Their actions might not always be fair and righteous since a weakened Sun decreases the dignity of their soul and misguides their actions.

Mars in Leo forms a positive 10th disposition which indicates that these natives will have clear goals and ambitions. With a dignified Mars, these natives tend to be extremely self-reliant. They work toward the attainment of their goals without getting distracted by the opinions of others around them. They have good judgement due to which they are able to make clear decisions after considering lots of aspects. The 5th disposition formed from this combination will provide the necessary intuition which enables them to predict the impact of their decisions.

Mars in Leo natives are endowed with extreme levels of persistence and determination. These individuals have a strong urge to fulfil their tasks and responsibilities while boldly facing their fears, anxieties and overcoming obstacles. These natives are also hard working. Hence, they strive hard to succeed in their field of activity. A positively manifested 10th disposition helps these natives to keep persisting until they succeed. A strong and dignified Sun enhances the leadership skills and abilities of these natives which in turn boosts their dominance and assertiveness.

Mars in Leo natives have a great potential to achieve great heights in life and become famous and recognized by their society. A well manifested 5th house energies bestows its natives with dominance and authoritative traits which makes them highly assertive. A dignified Mars in this placement will enables these natives to be assertive in a way that does not violate the rights of others around them. Hence, they will be well respected by the society for their honest and well-mannered character.

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