Mercury in Aries or Mercury in Mesh Rashi

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Balan Panicker

Balan Panicker

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Aries is a fire sign which is ruled by Mars. Mars shares an inimical relationship with Mercury. However, this placement is considered average as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. These natives are very witty and wise. Their minds are brimming with innovative ideas and solutions. They possess a sharp intellect which will help them to do well in debates. These natives are naturally argumentative by nature. They possess excellent communication skills. Mercury bestows its natives with a resolute mind, decisiveness and straightforward approach. These natives make quick decisions; however, they can be impulsive due to their ruling planet, Mars. They tend to jump at conclusions.

Mercury in Aries natives are fast learners. This placement gives the natives interest in fine arts, music and dance. These natives are interested in sexual pursuits as well due to influence of Mars. Since they love to do things quickly, these natives tend to speak fast, walk fast and even drive fast. These natives detest procrastination or any delays in their work lives as well as personal. Hence, they will be brilliant at meeting deadlines at work. This placement also tends to make the natives impatient, immoral, aggressive and fickle-minded.

Mercury in Aries natives are naturally fond of gambling. They are interested in taking loans to invest in business. They are fond of strong drinks as well. Physically, they appear thin by body constitution. Due to their love of taking risks and gambling, they tend to lose their hard-earned money. They may even suffer from debts and imprisonment due to their reckless spending habits. Since Mercury is placed in its enemy sign, these natives tend to suffer from skin rashes. Since Mercury rules speech and communication, its placement in a sign ruled by Mars makes these natives aggressive communicators, harsh speakers and argumentative as well.

Mercury in Aries makes the natives naturally inclined towards singing and dancing. The 8th disposition formed by Mercury from its own sign Virgo endow these natives with increased intuition along with complex strategic thinking. These natives can discover almost all the deep aspects of life and any topic. Hence, they do very well in the field of research since these natives are blessed with massive amounts of knowledge of various topics. Their intellect is driven by deep thinking and strategic mindset.

When a strong and dignified Marts support this placement, their intellect becomes amplified thus enabling them to become critically strategic and super competitive thinkers. This is because Mars is the natural ruler of the 8th sign Scorpio, which indicates intuition and in-depth knowledge. However, if an undignified Mars guides Mercury, these natives tend to manipulate the truth or make up stories. 8th disposition negatively signifies secrets, lies, and conspiracies. Hence, the ancient scriptures of Vedic astrology state that these natives will be experts in making conspiracy and will practise falsehood compulsively.

Mercury is the planet of merchants, trading and merchandise, which can bestow its natives with wealth and resources. These natives can gain wealth through communication, entrepreneurship, publishing, writing, sports or even through lottery, gambling, inheritance and insurance. A strong Mars can guide Mercury by enhancing these abilities with dynamism, motivation, passion, drive and initiative power. However, an undignified Mars can misguide Mercury thus making its natives lose their hard-earned money through gambling, bad investment decisions, or impulsiveness.

Mercury in Aries natives have a resistant mentality but also with a highly volatile mind.  This resistant intelligence is provided by the fiery and courageous Aries. Volatility is mainly attributed to the fiery nature of Aries and duality of Mercury. This means that they can be friendly and supportive but also aggressive and have a habit of starting quarrels. When Mars is strong and dignified, these natives are extremely durable, disciplined, prudent and competitive. This will enhance the intellect of these natives and make them smarter. However, a weak Mars can make these natives undisciplined and impulsive and they end up picking fights for their own petty selfish motives.

Since both Mercury and Mars are quick and fast in nature, these natives tend to become restless and impatient. Since Aries is extremely straightforward and quick in acting, this placement can weaken the analysing capabilities of Mercury. If Mars is dignified, then Mercury in Aries natives can possess great powers of concentration and progressive mindset. In these cases, their innate restlessness can work in their favour by their eagerness to act fast and ability to analyse quickly. However, a weak and undignified Mars can drain the energies of these natives by causing excessive hesitation, friction and loss of concentration.

Since Mercury is the planet of information transfer, it gives its natives great ability to succeed in activities that are related to the fields of writing and publishing.  These natives are also blessed with an ability to understand the hidden energies and articulate them on paper or any platform of scripture.

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