Mercury in Taurus or Mercury in Vrishabh Rashi

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Jothidar Ramkey

Jothidar Ramkey

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Mercury is a neutral Earthy planet and when it is positioned in Taurus, which is also a fixed Earth sign, it makes the natives fixated in their views. It makes them stubborn and hence, it is very difficult to convince these individuals once they decide on something. Taurus is ruled by Venus which shares a friendly relationship with Mercury. Hence, this placement is very beneficial to its natives. They tend to seek stability in their lives. They are very practical in their approach who operate on logic. They are endowed with exceptional concentration power.  They are very prudent in money matters. They tend to excel in money management.

Mercury in Taurus natives tend to have strong business acumen. They can be traditional and conservative in their views since they do not like change in life. These people have good organizing ability and hence, they will be brilliant in managerial roles. Since Taurus is a sign of luxury, these individuals like to live a luxurious and secure lifestyle. They love all things beautiful and things that appeal to their senses. They are polite and soft-spoken to others. They tend to look for sexual satisfaction in their love relationships. Mercury relates to muscles and Venus indicates beauty, a union of these energies makes the natives fond of physical exercises like aerobics, swimming and gymnastics. These natives tend to pay extra care and attention on how they look.

Mercury in house of Venus native will be amazing teachers. They will have a natural inclination towards earning wealth. They will be charitable by nature. They will exhibit pleasant or sweet behaviour. These natives are very skilful and proficient in their approach towards life. They will possess excellent knowledge of ancient scriptures, sciences, Vedas and Sastras. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, these natives will be romantic by nature. These natives are clever and very bold.

Taurus indicates wealth accumulations and valuable assets in general since they are ruled by the planet of luxury, Venus. Mercury is the planet of merchants and intellect. When Mercury is dignified and strong in the friendly sign Taurus, it will bring beneficial results out of this sign. This placement gives the ability to harness the sharp intellect in order to attain wealth and valuable resources. Individuals with this placement are resourceful and knowledgeable about wealth and precious items. Hence, these natives can build a solid and stable financial foundation. A dignified Mercury ensures that these natives use their intellect in a righteous and moral manner.

Since Taurus is a fixed sign, these natives are fond of fixed assets. Real estate, property, land and other valuables are some of the fixed assets that these natives are interested in investing and possessing. If Mercury is dignified in Taurus, then it can make the natives innately charitable, kind, generous and humble while being immensely wealthy. Such natives have a strong 9th disposition which endows them with righteous and moral motives and empowers them to do a variety of great deeds. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is a planet of justice, these individuals are known to be justice-loving and charitable, they are endowed with a strong desire to start peacekeeping initiatives and participate in charitable organization. Strong Venusian influence makes them very compassionate which gives the required motivation to donate some of their wealth to those who are needy. Taurus is a sign of wealth while Mercury is a planet of merchants which proves to be gainful regarding business ventures. These natives are blessed with a very complex mindset which helps them to be successful in the modern world of entrepreneurs. Armed with excellent analytical skills, they understand the working of a modern complex economic system.

Mercury in Taurus natives have a very pleasant and adorable way of communicating with others.  This is mainly due to the presence of two factors in this placement. Taurus indicates speech and way speaking while Mercury is the planet of communication. Hence, the combination of these two benefic elements creates individuals with a very beautiful way of speaking and writing. These tend to always empower and uplift others with their words. They are also blessed with an excellent sense of humour which brightens the mood of those around them. They do not like to see their loved ones in a state of sadness; hence, they will try to make the happy with their pleasant speech. According to the ancient scriptures of the Vedic Astrology, these natives are inclined towards teaching, guiding and mentoring others. They do it in the most pleasant and tolerant manner. This is mainly due to Mercury which is a planet of wisdom in ethics and morality and due to Venus, which is a justice-loving planet. Hence, this placement enables the natives to behave properly in the society and teach and guide others in the right path.

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