Sun in Aquarius or Sun in Kumbh Rashi

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Himanshu Dubey

Himanshu Dubey

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Aquarius is a fixed airy sign which is ruled by Saturn which shares an inimical relationship towards Sun. The energy of the airy Aquarius fans the flames of the fiery Sun. Hence these natives are short-tempered. These natives are also misers and tend to be frugal with their spending. These natives are notorious for a lack of personal hygiene. However, these ideas are quite eccentric, farsighted and advanced. These natives are usually well liked by everyone.

They are emotional people who are willing to help others on a grand scale. These natives tend to focus on the societal needs than the individual ones. Such natives are great team players, with good leadership qualities. They contribute towards humanitarian causes as well. They are blessed with a strong understanding of how human nature works. They possess a strong intuition as well. These natives place a lot of value on friendship. These natives are known to be humble and compassionate. However, they tend to keep themselves away from getting emotionally involved and attached to someone. They are not known to display their feelings and emotions in open.

Saturn becomes the guiding planet to the Sun. If Saturn is well-placed, it can direct the energies of the Sun efficiently to alleviate the negative outcomes and create positive outcomes for the natives. Saturn neutralizes its enmity with the Sun if it is placed in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th house from the Sun in the natal birth chart. This placement is significant and auspicious since Sun is exactly opposite from its own sign Leo, it is in 7th house from its own sign. 7th disposition is considered auspicious since 7th is a benefic quadrant house or Kendra Bhava which indicates society, social norms, law, balance, support, harmony and social security.

Sun in Aquarius people are very humanitarian. This trait is provided by the highly humanistic sign Aquarius. Aquarius is related to community, friends, social networks and complex networks of systems and people. This above aspect is very important since Sun craves all the attention and spotlight on itself, however, Aquarius is more than content to identify itself with the community at large. They love to dissolve into crowds which is not typical for Sun which loves to stand out from the crowd and make its presence felt. Hence, this placement can make the natives confronting or rebellious. However, a dignified and well-placed Saturn can neutralize its enmity with Sun thus reducing the negative effects significantly. This will make the natives tolerant and humanitarian from the soul.  The aspect ray of Sun from its own sign Leo makes these natives warm-hearted which enables them to see the struggles of others and talents of others. With the above aspect, they can also unite people to work on common goals. They are endowed with an amazing ability to form strong and brilliant communities by empowering them through charitable causes and strong revolutions. 

Aquarius natives tend to be socially outgoing if Saturn cancels their enmity with the Sun. The vital energy and the force of Sun in this sign are directed towards establishing strong networks of people that function efficiently for a desired cause.

Since there is a 7th disposition, these natives are also very balanced and harmonious in nature. 7th is also the natural home of Libra which is also balanced and harmonious in nature. Libra also symbolizes law, equity and compassion. Hence, these individuals are very peaceful, compassionate and justice loving. They tend to do brilliantly well in joint business ventures and community group projects. However, if the guiding planet Saturn is in bad dignity or ill-placed, then these natives will display lack of compassion and warm-heartedness which will result in a failure to connect people harmoniously. In some cases, they will end up creating disharmony and disputes among the members of the community.

Aquarius Sun natives tend to have an advanced way of thinking when compared to the average people. If Saturn is strong in the natal birth chart, then these natives will care deeply about the society and will love to work for the betterment of everyone in the system. A dignified Saturn will bestow them the ability to create new yet unconventional ideas for the improvement of their community.

Society may not accept these ideas at first as they are generally resistant to change. However, as the time passes on, their ideas will be accepted and adopted by many. Ancient scriptures also indicate that these natives will face a lot of opposition from the learned people.

Sun in Aquarius natives tend to think outside of the box in their normal daily lives. However, their abnormal way of thinking can lead to various contradictions. They tend to oppose the norms and traditions set by the society which further causes damage to their dignity.

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